Regis & Lana's
Carr Family Tree

All close relatives marriages

NoDescentHusbandbornWifebornPaternal ancestorbornMaternal ancestorborn
1 2:2 William Levingston ISBELL10 APR 1825 Martha Elizabeth ISBELL6 Jul 1852Levingston ISBELL07 MAR 1788Mary Cochran Rowan30 JUN 1788
2 2:2 Jacob H. PAULK17 May 1834 Rhoda HENDERSON10 MAY 1836Daniel Jacob HENDERSON10 AUG 1760Sallie MCBRIDE1785
3 2:2 John Anderson KIER10 MAY 1835 Sarah Annabelle KIER29 NOV 1839Andrew KIER25 JAN 1779Catherine MILLER17 DEC 1770
4 2:2 Walker KING23 Jun 1866 Mary Hale Nunnally15 Jan 1872half?Martha Adelaide HALIDAY29 NOV 1802
5 2:2 George Calvin Powdrill23 Jun 1876 Nettie M. POWDRILL29 Sep 1886John W. POWDRILL12 Dec 1825Margaret M. Neely14 Mar 1828
6 2:3 Eli John CLEVELAND8 Mar 1839 Rebecca Caroline ISBELL09 OCT 1850Jeremiah CLEVELAND1772Obedience CALLAWAY1781
7 2:3 William Carter WRIGHT6 Jan 1866 Rosaline Mae FEATHERSTON30 SEP 1872Nicholas TOMPKINS17 JAN 1796Catherine Griffin LEVERETT25 Jul 1794
8 3:3 Otis GIDDENS07 MAR 1897 Agnes GRIFFIN01 MAY 1906Jacob GIDDENS1803Mary Ann SIRMANS1823
9 4:4 Clayton Clatnus LEVERETT30 Jun 1874 Alma Pauline Leverett03 Jan 1890William LEVERETT1730Bridgett Rachel LEVERETT04 MAY 1737

The table shows families where the husband and wife are already closely related. To view the relationships, click on the descent column, or to view the descent line of the common paternal or maternal ancestor click the ancestor on the right. The descent column shows the number of generations to the common ancestor (husband:wife), so that 2:2 is a first cousin and 3:3 is a second cousin, etc. 2:3 and 3:2 are first cousins once removed (similar for second) and 2:4 and 4:2 mark a twice-removed cousin. If present, 1:2 and 2:1 are uncle/niece and aunt/nephew and 1:1 are siblings and 0:1 or 1:0 are parent/child (if at least one grandparent is present). If only one ancestor is shown, then "half?" indicates the other ancestor had more than one family (although the spouse name may simply be missing).