Regis & Lana's
Carr Family Tree

California, USA


Parish : Latitude: 36.77826, Longitude: -119.41793

Latitude: 36.7782610, Longitude: -119.4179324


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Alvin Hubert  6 OCT 1921California, USA I12831
2 BAKER, Bela Orville  1914California, USA I14693
3 BAKER, James Elmer  28 OCT 1911California, USA I14692
4 BAKER, Pamela  1939California, USA I19623
5 BRANTLEY, Laverne  20 JAN 1913California, USA I12036
6 DEARING, George  1916California, USA I25790
7 DOZIER, Leonard  14 JAN 1881California, USA I14398
8 DOZIER, William F.  1905California, USA I22490
9 DRURY, Diamond Dorothy  22 OCT 1915California, USA I27103
10 DRURY, Eliza  1876California, USA I27097
11 DRURY, Louisa  29 JUN 1879California, USA I27099
12 FISHER, Gustave A.  1889California, USA I28363
13 FORTSON, Arthur L  1858California, USA I27922
14 FORTSON, Caton S.  03 DEC 1901California, USA I4202
15 FUQUA, Robert R.  1935California, USA I10874
16 GRAHAM, Orville B.  14 AUG 1904California, USA I24791
17 HALL, John A.  1858California, USA I31794
18 KAUFMAN, Robert  1920California, USA I24032
19 KELTY, Beth Ellen  1922California, USA I19629
20 KELTY, Daniel  1918California, USA I19628
21 KIER, Frederick Wayman  07 JAN 1907California, USA I4034
22 KIER, Idah Frampton  28 OCT 1873California, USA I4974
23 KIER, Kenneth Baxter  14 JUL 1915California, USA I4035
24 LEISINGER, Louis  1902California, USA I15771
25 ORR, Julia A  1865California, USA I14845
26 ORR, Mary E.  Abt 1863California, USA I14849
27 PEYTON, Thomas R.  1939California, USA I29690
28 SCHRADER, Anna Grifwold  1925California, USA I31397
29 SCHRADER, George Frederick  1923California, USA I31396
30 SEXTON, Elleanor M.  1911California, USA I30037
31 SILVEY, Roy  23 OCT 1907California, USA I12586
32 STOFFEL, Herman Antonie  30 MAR 1913California, USA I20938
33 SUBLETT, Lloyd D.  1914California, USA I12848
34 WAGERS, Dorothy C.  1910California, USA I15780
35 WAGERS, Gertrude A.  18 MAR 1908California, USA I15781
36 WAGERS, Mildred A.  1913California, USA I15776
37 WARNER, Virlen C.  27 DEC 1907California, USA I4653
38 WERT, Jack R.  1915California, USA I29278
39 WIKLE, Evelyn  1923California, USA I28365
40 WORTHEN, Gladys M.  1925California, USA I29274
41 WORTHEN, Helen  1893California, USA I29276
42 WORTHEN, Louis A.  1901California, USA I29273
43 WRIGHT, Alice L  1900California, USA I23713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BULGER, Henry Bently  27 JUN 1959California, USA I26133
2 COBBLE, Iraneous  02 AUG 1990California, USA I24363
3 CONCANNON, Edward Burdette  07 JUL 1990California, USA I30179
4 DEARMOND, Maggie Faye  12 JUL 1992California, USA I25481
5 DOZIER, Leonard Franklin Jr.  1864California, USA I26456
6 DOZIER, William Erwin  09 NOV 1922California, USA I22491
7 EGAN, Lois  1983California, USA I1609
8 FOSS, Oscar J.  Bef 1920California, USA I18468
9 FOSTER, Don Stanley  15 DEC 1991California, USA I28208
10 FRANKS, Pierce McDonald  10 MAR 1967California, USA I27755
11 GEORGE, Ada  1959California, USA I5233
12 GIRD, Richard  29 MAY 1910California, USA I30569
13 GRAHAM, Nola Diane  15 MAY 1966California, USA I24792
14 HILL, Gladys Mae  02 NOV 1985California, USA I1538
15 HILL, Virgil Thomas  DEC 1990California, USA I1537
16 HOWARD, Annice Corrine  1971California, USA I12747
17 HOWELL, Beverly Kaye  16 NOV 2010California, USA I21119
18 ISBELL, Georgia Elizabeth  1946California, USA I5483
19 ISBELL, John Cleveland  09 APR 1959California, USA I5687
20 KIER, Avery Raymond  AUG 1987California, USA I5049
21 LEVERETT, Claude Mason  27 MAR 1982California, USA I27201
22 MIKOL, Stephan Edward  15 AUG 1999California, USA I21082
23 MURRAY, Margaret  1989California, USA I1548
24 OSTER, Thelma Rose  California, USA I1611
25 PASCHALL, Ben  MAR 1969California, USA I3454
26 RUTLEDGE, Rhea Mildred  1998California, USA I1607
27 SMITH, Anna Norma  13 OCT 1953California, USA I31391
28 STONE, Jennie Florence  05 JUL 1899California, USA I31804
29 UNDERHILL, William A.  23 DEC 1870California, USA I14348
30 WHEELER, Jo Gwendolyn  06 APR 2015California, USA I2441


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAKER, Loretta Jane  23 SEP 1925California, USA I12830


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HOLLAR, Glen Dale  1983California, USA I13498


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Cook / ROBERTS  07 FEB 1944California, USA F6914
2 DRURY / BROWN  1872California, USA F278