Regis & Lana's
Carr Family Tree

New Jersey, USA


Parish : Latitude: 40.05832, Longitude: -74.40566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABELS, Jane  Abt 1931New Jersey, USA I10620
2 ADAMS, Lottie May  1879New Jersey, USA I8171
3 ALCOTT, Edward  1926New Jersey, USA I31112
4 ALCOTT, L. Howard  1893New Jersey, USA I31110
5 ALDERMAN, David  1749New Jersey, USA I18446
6 ALLENDORF, Annie  1851New Jersey, USA I29258
7 ALLENDORF, Millie L  1883New Jersey, USA I3330
8 ANDERSON, Catherine C.  MAY 1864New Jersey, USA I27424
9 ANDERSON, Charles  MAR 1894New Jersey, USA I9647
10 ANDERSON, Grace  FEB 1895New Jersey, USA I9648
11 ANDERSON, NN  1923New Jersey, USA I28603
12 ANDERSON, Rebecca  1829New Jersey, USA I27426
13 ANDERSON, Ruth  APR 1897New Jersey, USA I9649
14 ANDERSON, William S.  1828New Jersey, USA I27425
15 ANDERSON, William S.  1861New Jersey, USA I7452
16 ANTHONY, Susan  1857New Jersey, USA I29658
17 BALLES, Paul J,  1931New Jersey, USA I7061
18 BANNIGAN, Edward G.  07 JUN 1897New Jersey, USA I15487
19 BANNIGAN, Martha S.  1898New Jersey, USA I15550
20 BANNIGAN, Mary Elizabeth  29 JUN 1899New Jersey, USA I15482
21 BARTINE, Anna B.  1869New Jersey, USA I30439
22 BERRY, Anna  DEC 1887New Jersey, USA I7581
23 BERRY, Charles  DEC 1896New Jersey, USA I7582
24 BERRY, Frances R.  30 DEC 1898New Jersey, USA I6942
25 BERRY, James H.  JUN 1885New Jersey, USA I7580
26 BLANCHFIELD, Christopher  JUN 1893New Jersey, USA I10219
27 BLANCHFIELD, Eugene  Abt 1925New Jersey, USA I10226
28 BLANCHFIELD, John  Abt 1929New Jersey, USA I18313
29 BLANCHFIELD, Leo  1917New Jersey, USA I10234
30 BLANCHFIELD, Raymond Martin  9 NOV 1918New Jersey, USA I10221
31 BLANCHFIELD, William  JAN 1891New Jersey, USA I10218
32 BOQUEL, Adelaide C.  MAR 1898New Jersey, USA I1052
33 BOYAN, Anna  28 DEC 1890New Jersey, USA I28364
34 BRADY, Athur  1905New Jersey, USA I20883
35 BRADY, Bernard  1910New Jersey, USA I20884
36 BRADY, Helen  1910New Jersey, USA I20885
37 BRENNAN, Joseph T.  3 DEC 1897New Jersey, USA I16012
38 BRENNAN, Michael  1879New Jersey, USA I2701
39 BRIGHT, Robert A.  1872New Jersey, USA I22319
40 BRINCKERHOFF, Ann Maria  06 DEC 1820New Jersey, USA I15290
41 BROCK, Catherine  1913New Jersey, USA I29138
42 BROWER, William E.  1851New Jersey, USA I30714
43 BROWN, Edna May  1913New Jersey, USA I26306
44 BROWN, Marjorie Bernadette  26 MAY 1935New Jersey, USA I9997
45 BUCKLER, Harry  1907New Jersey, USA I24681
46 BURKE, Bernard J.  12 JAN 1863New Jersey, USA I16864
47 BURKE, Mary V.  1857New Jersey, USA I19373
48 BURNETT, David  1863New Jersey, USA I26037
49 CADMUS, William S.  1928New Jersey, USA I22474
50 CHAPMAN, Annie  1878New Jersey, USA I1127

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOQUEL, Anna  OCT 1961New Jersey, USA I6993
2 BOQUEL, Joseph F.  DEC 1936New Jersey, USA I116
3 BRINCKERHOFF, Ann Maria  22 MAR 1906New Jersey, USA I15290
4 COOK, Francis E.  03 DEC 1923New Jersey, USA I25168
5 COWDRICK, Abigail  15 NOV 1872New Jersey, USA I25167
6 COWDRICK, Anna M  14 SEP 1888New Jersey, USA I3431
7 COWDRICK, Mary E.  1906New Jersey, USA I25166
8 DOREMUS, James B.  21 DEC 1886New Jersey, USA I26978
9 EVERETT, Ruhamah  10 OCT 1831New Jersey, USA I3432
10 FLYNN, Abigail Bunnell  21 OCT 1872New Jersey, USA I3415
11 GRINWIS, Julia  1946New Jersey, USA I28589
12 GROGAN, Anne Gertrude  1970New Jersey, USA I10605
13 HALL, Samuel Charles  1954New Jersey, USA I7610
14 HOLLAND, John Jeffery  11 JUL 1988New Jersey, USA I7747
15 KEHOE, Leo James  25 DEC 1945New Jersey, USA I10489
16 KELLY, Anna M.  JUL 1971New Jersey, USA I18818
17 KENNEDY, Charles  1958New Jersey, USA I16080
18 KIERNAN, John  1937New Jersey, USA I19566
19 MAHER, Grace  09 MAR 1912New Jersey, USA I8219
20 MCCAULEY, Mary  8 NOV 1907New Jersey, USA I19567
21 MCKEE, Augustus Boerum  1910New Jersey, USA I3391
22 MCKEE, Jane  1900New Jersey, USA I3403
23 MEEHAN, Thomas Francis  19 JUN 1980New Jersey, USA I49
24 MOSSBRUCKER, Robert William Sr.  03 DEC 1988New Jersey, USA I26056
25 SPICKERS, Heinrich  New Jersey, USA I17560
26 SPICKERS, Rose Isabella  1926New Jersey, USA I7273
27 TIER, Elizabeth  14 DEC 1866New Jersey, USA I468
28 TIER, Harriet L.  Aft 1880New Jersey, USA I7587
29 TIER, Harry Leroy  16 OCT 1907New Jersey, USA I3379
30 TIER, Ida May  17 JAN 1889New Jersey, USA I12295
31 TIER, Wesley V.  21 JUN 1990New Jersey, USA I3358
32 TIER, William Henry  Bef 25 FEB 1937New Jersey, USA I469
33 VAN DUREN, John  1927New Jersey, USA I28588
34 WARREN, Elizabeth  11 FEB 1856New Jersey, USA I2041
35 WARREN, Francis Edward  Abt 1957New Jersey, USA I7175
36 WARREN, George Matthew  11 SEP 1911New Jersey, USA I7023


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 TIERS, Charles  Aft 17 MAR 1884New Jersey, USA I7725


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 CUSICK, Sarah  New Jersey, USA I8192
2 TIER, Elizabeth  New Jersey, USA I250
3 TIER, Frank Thorn  New Jersey, USA I10920
4 TIERS, Sarah  New Jersey, USA I7710


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EMBER, Katherine E.  1901New Jersey, USA I10065
2 OLDFIELD, Patience  1760New Jersey, USA I1295
3 SCHENCK, William  1798New Jersey, USA I1911
4 SMALL, George Daniel  Abt 1790New Jersey, USA I3044
5 TIER, Gertrude E.  1876New Jersey, USA I7317


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 WARREN, Francis Edward  1957New Jersey, USA I7175
2 WARREN, Francis Edward  Abt 1957New Jersey, USA I7175


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 KIERNAN, Joan Margaret  New Jersey, USA I15963


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Beach / SHIPMAN  1950New Jersey, USA F361
2 COWDRICK / HALL  25 MAY 1794New Jersey, USA F1311
3 Fullerton / DONAHUE  1908New Jersey, USA F8890
4 MCKEE / SAUMS  1841New Jersey, USA F1306
5 Miskin / Flanagan  1914New Jersey, USA F8874
6 Rush / Bissett  1770New Jersey, USA F5821
7 TIER / WILLIAMS  1895New Jersey, USA F2399
8 WILLIAMS / WILLIAMS  1875New Jersey, USA F1504


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID 
1 TIER / WILLIAMS  Bef APR 1930New Jersey, USA F2399


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 COWDRICK / FLYNN  1858New Jersey, USA F1308