Regis & Lana's
Carr Family Tree

North Carolina, USA


State/Province : Latitude: 35.75957, Longitude: -79.0193


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, D. M.  1874North Carolina, USA I24566
2 ABERNATHY, Myrtle  1897North Carolina, USA I24567
3 ABERNATHY, Nola  1898North Carolina, USA I24568
4 ALBERTSON, A. Roberta  24 FEB 1881North Carolina, USA I23884
5 ALDERMAN, Phoebe  11 APR 1783North Carolina, USA I18448
6 ALEXANDER, Myrtle  22 MAY 1918North Carolina, USA I19841
7 ALLISON, Rebecca Annie  4 JUN 1860North Carolina, USA I19832
8 ANDERSON, Mary  1805North Carolina, USA I25099
9 BARRY, H.  Abt 1838North Carolina, USA I18713
10 BELL, Adam  1797North Carolina, USA I22201
11 BENTLEY, Whitmil Littlefield  10 MAR 1810North Carolina, USA I19526
12 BLACK, Mary Louise  1815North Carolina, USA I9842
13 BORDEAUX, Amos Richardson  15 OCT 1859North Carolina, USA I16913
14 BORDEAUX, Udel  15 JUL 1891North Carolina, USA I16898
15 BRANTLEY, Green  1795North Carolina, USA I12046
16 BRASFIELD, George Simpson  09 MAR 1823North Carolina, USA I12466
17 BRILEY, Lydia  FEB 1792North Carolina, USA I18985
18 BROOKS, Martha  1792North Carolina, USA I19677
19 BROOKS, Ruben P.  1803North Carolina, USA I19676
20 BROWN, Albert E.  JAN 1882North Carolina, USA I29404
21 BROWN, Charlie C.  FEB 1884North Carolina, USA I29405
22 BROWN, Fannie M.  DEC 1885North Carolina, USA I29406
23 BROWN, James Wilburn  28 DEC 1874North Carolina, USA I10397
24 BROWN, John M.  1875North Carolina, USA I29402
25 BROWN, Sarah Jane  1879North Carolina, USA I29403
26 BROWN, Walter  NOV 1897North Carolina, USA I29407
27 BROWN, William Joseph  APR 1853North Carolina, USA I29399
28 BROWNE, Jessie C.  30 OCT 1872North Carolina, USA I20186
29 BUCHAN, John  Abt 1788North Carolina, USA I18551
30 BULLARD, John O.  19 NOV 1766North Carolina, USA I19367
31 BUMPASS, Elizabeth  1833North Carolina, USA I23257
32 BUMPASS, Emmett  1856North Carolina, USA I22147
33 BUMPASS, John R.  1830North Carolina, USA I23256
34 BUMPASS, William  1795North Carolina, USA I23318
35 BURNS, John Calvin  1810North Carolina, USA I8513
36 CALHOUN, Eli S.  1861North Carolina, USA I29250
37 CALHOUN, Rausie Alice  1876North Carolina, USA I29251
38 CAMPBELL, Eliza Jane  12 OCT 1823North Carolina, USA  I31912
39 CARRAKER, Esther Bell  05 SEP 1795North Carolina, USA I25598
40 CARSON, Ester Jane  1840North Carolina, USA I19850
41 CARSON, Nancy  1801North Carolina, USA I19859
42 CARVER, Anna Belle  19 JAN 1860North Carolina, USA I15229
43 CARVER, Ella Elizabeth  1854North Carolina, USA I16052
44 CARVER, Hosia A.  1814North Carolina, USA I19679
45 CARVER, John D.  1813North Carolina, USA I19680
46 CAWTHEN, James  NOV 1789North Carolina, USA I19544
47 CHEWNING, George  1928North Carolina, USA I22967
48 CHURCH, Rebecca  Abt 1845North Carolina, USA I18714
49 CLAMPITT, William Franklin  03 FEB 1827North Carolina, USA I15380
50 CLIFTON, George Henry Sr.  15 DEC 1826North Carolina, USA I10316

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAVER, Martha  09 MAR 1889North Carolina, USA I28938
2 BROWNE, Jessie C.  5 MAR 1940North Carolina, USA I20186
3 EVERETT, Mary Winiford  1915North Carolina, USA I10375
4 FAIN, George Ramey  21 JAN 1947North Carolina, USA I22144
5 FRANCKS, Elijah  28 SEP 1850North Carolina, USA I18711
6 FRANCKS, John Martin  4 JUN 1868North Carolina, USA I18717
7 HOWELL, Joseph  1865North Carolina, USA I9069
8 HOWELL, Murphrey  1778North Carolina, USA I9199
9 HOWELL, Redden  North Carolina, USA I10240
10 LOVE, Martha  1855North Carolina, USA I21336
11 MARTIN, Harlin  30 OCT 1896North Carolina, USA I28937
12 MCFARLAND, Mell Mercer  19 AUG 1965North Carolina, USA I10955
13 MCKINNEY, Zachariah  19 MAR 1865North Carolina, USA I13424
14 MCPHERSON, Flora  1769North Carolina, USA I7041
15 NEELEY, Joseph  18 NOV 1849North Carolina, USA I14757
16 QUEEN, Lucinda  Aft 1880North Carolina, USA I19860
17 SHIPMAN, Hezekiah  04 NOV 1858North Carolina, USA I5732
18 TOWNSEND, Missouri Annette  13 JUN 1875North Carolina, USA I23321
19 WRIGHT, Gabriel  1868North Carolina, USA I1983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CHAPMAN, Mary  1801North Carolina, USA I9245
2 HOWELL, John Jr.  Abt 1770North Carolina, USA I9071
3 MAXWELL, Lucy Elizabeth  1844North Carolina, USA I307


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 HARRIS, Margaret  1790North Carolina, USA I953


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARVER / MUNDAY  14 FEB 1824North Carolina, USA F5972
2 LEVERETT / THOMPSON  1773North Carolina, USA F803
3 Sentell / PARKER  03 SEP 1905North Carolina, USA F3621