Regis & Lana's
Carr Family Tree

West Virginia, USA


Parish : Latitude: 38.59763, Longitude: -80.4549


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALLIEGRO, Jennings W.  25 MAR 1908West Virginia, USA I30492
2 ANDERSON, Grover  02 MAR 1893West Virginia, USA I13592
3 BARR, Lucy G.  1866West Virginia, USA I6640
4 BARR, Mary E.  1870West Virginia, USA I6642
5 BARR, Walter E.  1868West Virginia, USA I6641
6 BINEGAR, Claudius F.  1856West Virginia, USA I29957
7 BURNS, Arthur J.  Abt 1871West Virginia, USA I18908
8 CLIFTON, Charlotte Adeline  NOV 1876West Virginia, USA I20072
9 DAVIS, Paulina F.  1845West Virginia, USA I29969
10 DAVIS, William M.  1840West Virginia, USA I29968
11 HAYMOND, Sarah Etta  7 APR 1861West Virginia, USA I17624
12 HERTZ, Lorine F.  1896West Virginia, USA I24018
13 JOHNSON, Bessie E.  2 APR 1894West Virginia, USA I18927
14 O'CONNOR, Charles B.  1878West Virginia, USA I29393
15 PARKER, Orfa Hale  03 JAN 1896West Virginia, USA I29967
16 PRIEST, Alexander W.  1862West Virginia, USA I20019
17 PRIEST, Edith M.  1866West Virginia, USA I20022
18 PRIEST, Edna M.  1895West Virginia, USA I20025
19 PRIEST, Emma E  1863West Virginia, USA I20020
20 PRIEST, Martha  1870West Virginia, USA I20024
21 PRIEST, Mary  1870West Virginia, USA I20023
22 ROHR, Laura A.  APR 1844West Virginia, USA I6650
23 SECHLER, William Harvey  23 FEB 1875West Virginia, USA I23771
24 SKIDMORE, Earl  1896West Virginia, USA I21471
25 SKIDMORE, Paul G .  1906West Virginia, USA I21473
26 SQUIRES, Charley  Abt 1894West Virginia, USA I17632
27 SQUIRES, Esker I.  Abt 1890West Virginia, USA I17628
28 SQUIRES, Herbert Haymond  Abt 1895West Virginia, USA I17625
29 SQUIRES, Lucy  Abt 1872West Virginia, USA I17631
30 SQUIRES, Mary E.  Abt 1878West Virginia, USA I17622
31 SQUIRES, Norman  Abt 1835West Virginia, USA I17633
32 SQUIRES, Virginia  1916West Virginia, USA I29670
33 TILTON, Daisy E.  Abt 1886West Virginia, USA I18907
34 TILTON, Morgan H.  Abt 1887West Virginia, USA I5636
35 WALKER, John Ashton  1893West Virginia, USA I13586
36 WATKINS, Virginia Florence  04 APR 1928West Virginia, USA I28720
37 WINDLE, Iris Saphrona  1862West Virginia, USA I26293


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BEAMER, Caroline Matilda  25 MAR 1909West Virginia, USA I20047
2 HAYMOND, Nancy Elizabeth  04 JUN 1911West Virginia, USA I17696
3 SKIDMORE, Earl  1920West Virginia, USA I21471
4 SKIDMORE, John Hobert  12 AUG 1965West Virginia, USA I21472
5 SKIDMORE, Paul G .  1980West Virginia, USA I21473
6 WILLIAMS, Mabel C.  06 MAY 1992West Virginia, USA I20075


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Salisbury / Beamer  Abt JAN 1869West Virginia, USA F4641