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702 Ordnance Company, Second Infantry Division (2ID) (June 1942 - May 1945)

The document lists the bivouac sites occupied by the 702nd Ordnance Company during WWII beginning on 09 June 1944 at Saint-Laurent-sur-Mer, France just inland from Omaha Beach, to 08 May 1945 at Plzen in the present day Czech Republic - a straight-line distance of 1232 kilometers. The eastward journey would be made in 36 segments; as short as 3km and as long as 701km. It does not include the return legs used to reach the French port (Le Havre) from which the 2ID would return to the USA. Those legs would not have included T-SGT John Edgar Scott. He was reassigned to the 799th Ordnance Light Maintenance Company in June 1945 and almost immediately began his redeployment to the USA - an indication of how quickly the Army was redirecting its operations towards Japan - even though some units remained as occupation forces in Germany. Regardless, how T-SGT Scott traveled back to the USA is not certain since the National Archives advised that the shipping records for all unit re-deployments were intentionally destroyed in about 1951.

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