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Carr Family Tree

Report: Couples - Where brothers are married to sisters

         Description: Or, where a woman was remarried a husband's brother
Example 1: John Smith married Ann Brown and his brother Peter Smith married Ann's sister Mary Brown.
Example 2: Susie Smith married Thomas Thompson and later married his brother Timothy Thompson

Developed Warren S Gilbert with an assist by Jerry Milo Johnson.

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# Tree Person ID Last Name First Name Marriage Date wpersonID wlastname wfirstname
1 CFT  I7118  FADDEN  Austin  1856  I554  O'MALLEY  Sabina 
2 CFT  I180  FADDEN  Dominick    I209  O'MALLEY  Bridget 
3 CFT  I2561  HOWELL  Eli Kennedy  17 JAN 1892  I1437  LEVERETT  Martha 
4 CFT  I2204  HOWELL  James Love    I1429  LEVERETT  Mytilda Jeanette 
5 CFT  I7497  HOLBERT  Franklin J.    I7526  HORNBECK  Elizabeth 
6 CFT  I7528  HOLBERT  William  Abt 1861  I7526  HORNBECK  Elizabeth 
7 CFT  I4056  KIER  Samuel L.  24 MAR 1829  I4982  LYONS  Elizabeth 
8 CFT  I4048  KIER  William  18 MAY 1819  I4137  LYONS  Annie 
9 CFT  I5870  BIGGER  Chesterfield  9 SEP 1880  I18970  McKEE  Charlotte A. 
10 CFT  I5875  BIGGER  William R.  1879  I5901  MCKEE  Laura 
11 CFT  I11868  CHEWNING  Madison Polk    I11901  HOLLOWAY  Nancy F 
12 CFT  I11874  CHEWNING  Marion Dallas  10 MAR 1870  I11886  HOLLAWAY  Jane L. 
13 CFT  I9335  POU  Felder    I23098  REDD  Loulie Hansell 
14 CFT  I9331  POU  Walter Lawrence    I23098  REDD  Loulie Hansell 
15 CFT  I14507  WILLIAMS  Perry Webb  16 DEC 1877  I14508  WOODCOCK  Miranda 
16 CFT  I14524  WILLIAMS  Winfred Berry    I29197  Woodcock  Mary Jane 
17 CFT  I6956  GRINDFLEK  Johann Norgaard  1890  I574  FINSTAD  Kirsti Olsdatter Dalen 
18 CFT  I573  NORGAARD  Johan  1890  I574  FINSTAD  Kirsti Olsdatter Dalen 
19 CFT  I1508  LEVERETT  Milas Meadows  1890  I1554  CATO  Lou Ressie 
20 CFT  I1510  LEVERETT  Thomas Barto  09 SEP 1892  I1555  CATO  Mittie Susan 
#Tree Person ID Last Name First Name Marriage Date wpersonID wlastname wfirstname