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Report: Military Service: WWII Draft Age (1940)

         Description: This report lists men between 18 and 40 years of age who were required to report to the draft board for evaluation for service in the Armed Forces. Living persons will not be shown without a login.

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1         BIGGAR  Benjamin Franklin  1842  Shelby County, Texas, USA   12 SEP 1862      CSA
Company A, Texas 28th Cavalry Regiment; Corporal;
Presumed KIA/DOW.

Name: Benjamin F Biggar
Rank at enlistment: Corporal
State Served: Texas
Service Record: Enlisted in Company A, Texas 28th Cavalry Regiment.
Sources: Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records  
I8313  CFT 
2         BIGGAR  Carl  13 AUG 1900  Texas, USA   4 JAN 1975  Biggers Cemetery, Shelby County, Texas, USA     WWII: US Army

Name: Carl Biggar
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 13 Aug 1900
Death Date: 4 Feb 1975
SSN: 452147683
Enlistment Date 1: 10 Oct 1942
Release Date 1: 31 Mar 1943 
I5948  CFT 
3         BIGGAR  Richard Sweazea  1 JAN 1817  Tennessee, USA   01 JAN 1864      CSA:
Presumed KIA/DOW.

" When the Civil War came along "Boy" enlisted in Shelbyville along with his uncle Robert Biggar 11/4/1862. The Runnels uncles had gone earlier. Boy did not return and his resting place is unknown, but a returning neighbor, Montgomery Lovell, said he died begging for water of which there was none. On November 4, 1864 Richard Sweezer Biggar signed along with S.K. McCelland for Josh Truitt to carry the mail for the Confederacy from Shelbyville to Marshall once a week each way. Richard Sweezer Biggar had some sort of work with the Confederacy and on one occasion returned a soldier who was awol. There is no record of Richard Sweezer Biggar enlisting, but family stories indicate he was at the battle of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill and died in Arkansas (maybe Arkadelphia)."
Written by Evelyn Biggar 
I5858  CFT 
4         BIGGER  Robert T.  Abt 1825  Missouri, USA   1900      CSA:
Company A, 28th Texas Cavalry

Name: Robert T. Biggar
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Texas
Regiment Name: 28 Texas Cavalry
Regiment Name Expanded: 28th Regiment, Texas Cavalry (Randal's) (1st Texas Lancers)
Company: A
Rank In: Sergeant
Rank In Expanded: Sergeant
Rank Out: Sergeant
Rank Out Expanded: Sergeant
Alternate Name: Robert T./Bigger
Film Number: M227 roll 3
Other Records: Learn More about this Regiment 
I5855  CFT 
5         Brent  Lewis H.  01 MAR 1842  Ohio, USA   09 JAN 1907  McConnelsville Cemetery, McConnelsville, Morgan, Ohio, USA     GAR:
Company H, 25th Regiment, Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Name: Lewis H Brent
Age at Enlistment: 19
Enlistment Date: 26 Jun 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
State Served: Ohio
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted on 26 Jun 1861.
Transferred to Company B, Ohio 75th Infantry Regiment on 14 Jan 1864. Mustered out on 12 Jun 1864.
Transferred to on 12 Jun 1864.
Birth Date: abt 1842
Sources: Official Roster of the Soldiers of the State of Ohio  
I17802  CFT 
6     Sr.    BRIGHT  Joseph Frankliin  APR 1830  Illinois, USA         GAR:
Company D, 52nd Indianan Infantry Regiment, Indiana

Name: Joseph F Bright
Enlistment Date: 1 Feb 1862
Rank at enlistment: Corporal
State Served: Indiana
Service Record: Enlisted in Company D, Indiana 52nd Infantry Regiment on 01 Feb 1862.
Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Indiana
Jun 1863: Discharged

Partial, relevant, history of the 52nd Regiment from the "American Civil War Regiments:
Date of Organization: 1 Jan 1862
Muster Date: 10 Sep 1865
Regiment Number: 52nd
Officers Killed or Mortally Wounded: 2
Officers Died of Disease or Accident: 2
Enlisted Killed or Mortally Wounded: 26
Enlisted Died of Disease or Accident: 175
Fought on 15 Feb 1862 at Fort Donelson, TN.
Fought on 9 May 1862 at Corinth, MS.
Fought on 2 Sep 1862.
Fought on 17 Sep 1862 at Durhamsville, TN.
Regiment History: Fifty-second Infantry INDIANA
Fifty-second Infantry. Cols., James M. Smith, Edward H. Wolfe
Zalmon S. Main; Lieut.-Cols., William C. McReynolds, Edward H.
Wolfe, Zalmon S. Main, Majs., Edward H. Wolfe, Zalmon S. Main,
William T. Strickland.
This regiment was organized in the fall of 1861 and winter of 1861-61. It was partially organized at Rushville, then
marched to Indianapolis and was consolidated with the 56th, or railroad regiment. The band was mustered in Feb. 1, 1862, left the state Feb. 7,
going to Fort Henry and from there to Fort Donelson. It was in the siege of Fort Donelson, serving with Smith's division. It was on garrison duty at Forts Henry and Heiman from Mar. 3
until April 18, then moved to Pittsburg landing and joined Lanman's brigade of Hurlbut's division. 
I14166  CFT 
7         BRUNDAGE  Allen Genoa  07 JUL 1844  Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, Michigan, USA   21 NOV 1889  Eldridge Cemetery, Middlebury, Elkhart, Indiana, USA     GAR:
Enlisted in Company G, Michigan 18th Infantry Regiment on. He mustered out on 17 May 1865 at Nashville, TN. 
I5999  CFT 
8         BURRELL  Thomas Campbell  18 FEB 1913  Midland County, Texas, USA   01 MAY 2003  Aztec Cemetery, Aztec, San Juan, New Mexico, USA     World War II Prisoners of War, 1941-1946
Name: Thomas C Burrell
Race: White
Residence State: New Mexico
Report Date: 7 May 1942
Latest Report Date: 15 Oct 1945
Grade: Master Sergeant
Grade Notes: General or Lieutenant General or Major General or Brigadier General or Master Sergeant or Admiral or Vice Admiral or Rear Admiral or Chief Petty Officer Permanent Appointment
Service branch: Army
Arm or Service: Coast Artillery Corps
Arm or Service Code: Coast Artillery Corps Or Amp: Army Mine Planter Service
Area Served: Southwest Pacific Theatre: Philippine Islands
Detaining Country: Japan
Camp: Osaka Main Camp Chikko Osaka 34-135
Status: Returned to Military Control, Liberated or Repatriated
Report Source: Individual has been reported through sources considered official.

MSG Thomas C. Burrell is listed on a USMA report as being transferred from Bilibid Prison in Manila, Philippines to Japan. The date of transfer and the "Hellship" on which he sailed is not recorded/known.
MSG Burrell was eventually released from Osaka POW Camp 5-B at Tsurga, Japan. He was held in other camp(s) before reaching Camp 5-B on/about 25 Apr 1945. There were 399 POWs at the time the camp was liberated on 2 Sep 1945.

"BURRELL THOMAS Campbell ""TC"" ""Tom""",MSgt,20842952,CAC,200th Hq,NM,611,,,Os-05B-Tsuruga,,
Map: Information & pictures Courtesy of Wes Injerd
FUKUI-ken, TSURUGA-shi, JINMU 9721 KOJO [Area Map- courtesy of Wes Injerd]
Time Line:
23 Apr 1945: Established as Osaka-20-B; first located at TSURUGA-shi, SAKURA 165.
25 Apr 1945: 180 Americans and 20 Dutch arrive from Tanagawa.
Date of transfer to Minami TSUNAI unknown. (both camps within city limits of Tsuruga.
20 May 1945: 200 Americans arrive from Umeda, some from NArumi ex Tanagawa. Later, one American transferred to Sendai. Date unknown
Aug 1945: Renamed 5-B
Sept 1945: rescue effected (399 men rescued)
Morita Report: Details the history of camp and movement of the POWs.
Slave labor as stevedore services and farming service. TSURUGA Transportation Company. POWs worked docks carrying bags of beans and grain from warehouse to freight cars; operated cranes and unloaded iron from freight cars.
Mr HASHIMOTO in charge of companu- his asst was Mr. IMURA.
Hell Ship
Numerous sources for prisoners from other burned out camps- no specific ship.
Total men in camp on 2 Sept 1945: 399 per Morita report
Partial roster of Americans and listing those who perished
Japanese Camp Staff- includes rank, dates of service and position on staff
Affidavit of USMC TSgt Jesse L. Stewart from Wake Island. Discussing brutal treatment and action of specific guards;

Second affidavit regarding Lt Namba at Umeda and at Tsuruga.

Affidavit of S/Sgt Robert T. Rohmer regarding the severe beatings of Cobb, MacCurdy and Dorsey.

Affidavit of Alexander L. Benishake 60th CAC (Pending) 
I14709  CFT 
9                             I11     
10       Carr  CARR  John Louis  03 DEC 1926  Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USA   26 DEC 2016  Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Arlington, Virginia, USA     Vietnam: US Army
Commander 71st Transportation Battalion & HQ Support Command (Newport, RVN)

Jun 1949: Commissioned a 2LT in the Transportation Corps (although detailed detailed to the Engineer Branch for two years).
1950: Darmstaft, West Germany; 1st Engineer Battalion
Jul 1953: Fort Belvoir, VA
Jul 1954: University of Tennessee
Jul 1955: Fort Eustis, Virginia
1956: Then Captain Carr participated in the construction of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line in Alaska. His participation was with the 564 Transportation Company (Term Svc) on Project 572 West Area. WIKI: "From a standing start in December 1954, many thousands of people with countless skills were recruited, transported to the polar regions, housed, fed, and supplied with tools, machines, and materials to construct physical facilities - buildings, roads, tanks, towers, antennas, airfields, and hangars - at some of the most isolated places in North America. The construction project employed about 25,000 people.[2] Military and civilian airlifts, huge sealifts during the short summers, snowcat trains and barges distributed vast cargoes along the length of the Line to build the permanent settlements needed at each site. It was to military and naval units that fell much of the job of carrying mountains of supplies to the northern sites. More than 3,000 U.S. Army Transportation Corps soldiers were given special training to prepare them for the job of unloading ships in the Arctic. They went with the convoys of U.S. Navy ships and they raced time during the few weeks the ice was open to land supplies at dozens of spots on the Arctic Ocean shore during the summers of 1955, 56, and 57.[4]"
Jul 1958: Seoul, Korea; 21st Transportation Company
Jul 1959: Fort Belvoir, VA; staff
Jul 1961: Fort Leavenworth, KS; CGCS
Jul 1962 Fort Eustis, Virginia; Instructor
Jul 1963: Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Allied Mobile forces (Land)
Jun 1965: Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; CENTAG
JUL 1969: The Pentagon; Joint Staff
Aug 1969: Saigon, South Vietnam; Commander 71st Transportation Battalion & HQ Support Command (Newport)
Aug 1970: Cameron Station, VA
Aug 1972: DSA
Jul 1974: USAREUR
Jul 1978: Alexandria, VA; Joint Property Shipping Office
June 1979: Retired
I4  CFT 
11         CLAUSS  David  02 NOV 1844  Heidelberg Township, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA   23 JAN 1914  Greenwood Cemetery, Allentown, Lehigh, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Private, 41st PA Infantry
Served 1 Month & 2 Days 
I9604  CFT 
12         Coursen  George Hopkins  22 SEP 1842  New Jersey, USA   03 DEC 1914  Judson Hill Cemetery, Bradford County, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Battery F, New York 1st Light Artillery Battalion

Name: George H Coursen
Residence: Albany, New York
Age at Enlistment: 21
Enlistment Date: 8 Sep 1864
Rank at enlistment: Private
Enlistment Place: Albany, New York
State Served: New York
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in Company Batty F, New York 1st LA Batty F Light Artillery Battery on 08 Sep 1864.Mustered out on 17 Jun 1865 at Elmira, NY.
Birth Date: abt 1843
Sources: New York: Report of the Adjutant-Gener 
I20753  CFT 
13         Craun  Jacob  16 SEP 1821  Ohio, USA   20 FEB 1901  Liberty Center Cemetery, Kansas, Seneca, Ohio, USA     GAR
Company G, 55th Ohio Volunteer Infantry 
I30482  CFT 
14         CROLIUS  James Westervelt  JUN 1848  New York City, New York, New York, USA   MAY 1925  Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, Kings, New York, USA     GAR:
(?) 11th New York Infantry
I10914  CFT 
15         DICKEY  John Marshall  18 MAR 1840  Salem, Franklin, Tennessee, USA   24 NOV 1920  Kelso Cemetery, Kelso, Lincoln, Tennessee, USA     CSA:
Company A, 44th Tenn Volunteer Infantry Regiment
Detailed as a blacksmith
Mar to Jun 1862: AWOL
Jul to Aug 1862: AWOL
Sep to Oct 1862: AWOL
Nov to Dec 1862: present as of 7 Nov
Jan to Feb 1863: detailed blacksmith (had been AWOL 7 Mar 1862 to 12 Nov 1862) "Absent time deducted in stoppages"
Mar to Apr 1863: blacksmith with wagon train at McMinnville
May to Jun 1863: extra duty as blacksmith
Jul to Aug 1863: extra duty as blacksmith
17 Sep 1863: captured at Chickamauga, TN
13 Dec 1863: listed for exchange (as a CSA POW for a GAR POW)
13 Dec 1863: discharged from military prison at Louisville, KY and transported to the POW camp at Rock Island, IL
18 Dec 1863: Arrived as POW at Rock Island, IL
Undated note on a roll of POWs indicates he was "Coerced" "Deserted" "Always a Union Man" (RJCarr: his extended AWOL status and long period of "extra duty" as a blacksmith suggests he was not a reliable CSA soldier. Thus the above annotation while a POW that he was coerced into enlisting in the CSA from Tennessee, a border state)
5 May 1865: Released from the Rock Island POW camp and signed an oath of allegiance to USA
(Source: FOLD3 CSA records for John M. Dickey) 
I14858  CFT 
16         DOUGLASS  Lineus M.  1844  Illinois, USA   22 JUN 1918  Parkview Cemetery, Hastings, Adams, Nebraska, USA     GAR
Company F, 51st Wisconsin Infantry 
I28041  CFT 
17         EUTSLER  David Franklin  14 FEB 1845  Port Republic, Rockingham, Virginia, USA   17 SEP 1917  Greenwood Cemetery, Muscatine, Muscatine, Iowa, USA     GAR:
Company A, 11th Iowa Infantry
Pension was $365 in 1914 
I10084  CFT 
18     Sr.    Fallaw  Thomas Howard  02 DEC 1890  Waverly, Chambers, Alabama, USA   21 JUL 1949  Norcross City Cemetery, Norcross, Gwinnett, Georgia, USA     WWI
US Army
167th Infantry, 42nd Division (Rainbow Division)
Citation for the Distinguished Service Cross for extraordinary heroism in action near Landreset-St. Georges, October 16, 1918.
"In the attack on the Côte-de-Châtillon, seeing that the entire advance was being held up in an open field by heavy machine-gun fire from the edge of the wood, Captain Fallaw organized a detachment and led it in a rush on the woods under heavy fire, making a daring and vigorous attack on the enemy machine-gun nests, clearing the edge of the woods, capturing prisoners, and inflicting severe loses on the enemy. Through this gallant act Captain Fallaw gained the final objective with a minimum loss to his command and set an inspiring example of disregard for personal safety and devotion to duty." 
I23687  CFT 
19       Scott  FARMER  Andrew Jackson  13 JAN 1844  Madison County, Kentucky, USA   1 MAY 1907  Pleasant Grove Cemetery #2, Scott County, Arkansas, USA     GAR:
Company I, 2nd Arkansas Cavalry  
I6409  CFT 
20         FORDYCE  Hamilton  15 SEP 1838  Paterson, Passaic, New Jersey, USA   MAR 1893  Greendale Cemetery, Meadville, Crawford, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Company D, Ohio 84th Infantry Regiment  
I1485  CFT 
21         Gentry  David W.  25 MAR 1834  Boonesboro, Clark, Kentucky, USA   9 DEC 1910  Garrett-Gentry Cemetery, Jinks, Estill, Kentucky, USA     GAR:
Company F, 14th Kentucky Cavalry
2nd Lieutenant

Name: David W. Gentry
Side: Union
Regiment State/Origin: Kentucky
Regiment Name: 14 Kentucky Cavalry.
Regiment Name Expanded: 14th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry
Company: F
Rank In: Second Lieutenant
Rank In Expanded: Second Lieutenant
Rank Out: Second Lieutenant
Rank Out Expanded: Second Lieutenant
Film Number: M386 roll 10

Name: David W Gentry
Residence: Irvine, Kentucky
Enlistment Date: 12 Aug 1862
Rank at enlistment: 2nd Lieutenant
Enlistment Place: Irvine, Kentucky
State Served: Kentucky
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Commissioned an officer in Company F, Kentucky 14th Cavalry Regiment on 13 Feb 1863.Mustered out on 24 Mar 1864 at Camp Nelson, KY.
Sources: Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kentucky 
I15802  CFT 
22     Sr.    GUMBLE  Conrad  06 AUG 1827  Hesse, Germany   18 JUN 1898  Paupack Cemetery, Paupack, Pike, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Company D, 45th Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiment
I14436  CFT 
23         HAMILTON  Allison W.  23 FEB 1840  Grainger County, Tennessee, USA   20 MAY 1917  Verden Cemetery, Verden, Grady, Oklahoma, USA     GAR:
Company I, 30th Iowa Infantry
Discharged Nov. 4, 1864
Pension applied for 6 July 1909
I12014  CFT 
24         HAMILTON  Thomas Alexander  1817  Ryefield, County Cavan, Ireland   23 AUG 1864  Andersonville National Cemetery, Andersonville, Sumter, Georgia, USA     GAR:
6th NY Heavy Artillery

Andersonville Prisoners of War
Surname: Thomas Hamilton
Company: L
Regiment: 6
State: NY
Arm of Service: ARTILLERY
Death Date: 23 Aug 1864
Cause Of Death: DIARRHEA
Reference: p 35 [3]; p 914 [55]
Location of Capture: SPOTTSYLVANIA, VA
Date of Capture: 19 May 1864
Page: 201
More Information: NO
Code: 16601
GRAVE: 6601 
I12210  CFT 
25         HILL  Morris Henry  1843  New York, USA   1897      GAR:
Company B, 8th Michigan Infantry Regiment

I11576  CFT 
26         Huntemann  Henry F.  1842  Hannover, Germany   FEB 1916      GAR:
New Jersey Infantry 
I19765  CFT 
27         ISBELL  Zachariah  25 JUN 1835  Jackson County, Alabama, USA   5 NOV 1863  Danville National Cemetery, Danville, Danville City, Virginia, USA     GAR:
Company A, 1st Regiment, Tennessee & Alabama Independent, Vidette Cavalry.
Captured on 19 September 1863 during the Battle of Chickamauga and transported to Richmond, VA where he was imprisoned at Belle Isle. He died of chronic diarrhea on 4 Nov 1863. 
I14929  CFT 
28         KELLY  Randall Williams  29 DEC 1835  Pike County, Pennsylvania, USA   16 JAN 1917  Mount Moriah Cemetery, Kimbles, Pike, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Company F, 76th Pennsylvania Infantry

30 Jul 1890: applied for pension
27 Jan 1917: wife, Mary, applied for widow's pension  
I12102  CFT 
29         KIER  Andrew J.  16 MAR 1822  Indiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA   1 MAY 1911  New Friendship Cemetery, Gentry, Gentry, Missouri, USA     GAR:
Company F, 51st Missouri Volunteer Infantry 
I5001  CFT 
30         KIER  James Mabon  11 MAY 1829  Kiskiminetas, Armstrong, Pennsylvania, USA   12 MAY 1912  Edgewood Cemetery, Saltsburg, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Company D. 206th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers (his obituary indicated it was the 106th Regiment)
Discharged on 26 JUN 1865 
I4359  CFT 
31         KIER  Martin William  19 FEB 1836  Conemaugh, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA   13 JUN 1908  Greenwood Cemetery, Indiana, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Enlistment in Company B, 23rd Regiment, Pennsylvania Militia
First Sergeant 
I4985  CFT 
32         Kissick  William  1826  Ireland         GAR: Company G, 7th New Jersey Infantry. Discharged 14 Oct 1864 at Petersburg, Virginia. Disabled due to rheumatism and discharge of the eyes, etc.   I22130  CFT 
33         Kniceley  John  20 OCT 1807  Rockingham County, Virginia, USA   07 JUN 1891  Stone Run Cemetery, Braxton County, West Virginia, USA     GAR:
Company F, West Virginia 10th Infantry Regiment

Name: John Knicely
Enlistment Date: 17 Jan 1862
Rank at enlistment: Wagoner
State Served: West Virginia
Survived the War?: Yes
Service Record: Enlisted in Company F, West Virginia 10th Infantry Regiment on 17 Jan 1862.Mustered out on 03 May 1865.
Sources: Index to Compiled Military Service Records West Virginia Civil War Almanac 
I17704  CFT 
34         LEYSEN  Peter  03 AUG 1828  Luxembourg   4 APR 1896  Saint Marys Cemetery, Muscatine, Muscatine, Iowa, USA     GAR:
Company D, 35th Iowa Volunteer Infantry
Wounded in hip and thigh in the battle of Chicot Lake, Arkansas on 7th of June, 1864 - Discharged 13 Jul 1865 - Company A, Fifteenth Regiment Veteran Reserve Corps; Sergeant 
I1005  CFT 
35     Jr.    McGarrigle  Cornelius Norman  1926  Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, USA   02 MAR 1945  Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and Memorial, Henri-Chapelle, Arrondissement de Verviers, Liège, Belgium     WWII: US Army
309th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division
Private First Class

Name: Corneliu McGarrigle
Death Date: 2 Mar 1945
Cemetery: Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery
Cemetery Burial Plot: Plot G Row 2 Grave 50
Cemetery City: Henri-Chapelle
Cemetery Country: Belgium
War: World War II
Awards: Purple Heart
Title: Private First Class
Rank: Private First Class
Service: U.S. Army
Service ID: 33774336
Division: 309th Infantry Regiment, 78th Infantry Division
Data Source: World War II Honor Roll 
I21151  CFT 
36         Mossman  Andrew Jackson  10 MAY 1841  Springfield, Gallia, Ohio, USA   10 MAY 1886  Wilkesville Cemetery, Wilkesville, Vinton, Ohio, USA     GAR:
Company D, 179th Ohio Infantry Regiment
Mustered out on June 16, 1865. 
I3315  CFT 
37         Mossman  John William  16 OCT 1836  Springfield, Gallia, Ohio, USA   16 MAR 1914  Pine Street Cemetery, Gallipolis, Gallia, Ohio, USA       I3317  CFT 
38     Jr.    O'BRIEN  Jeremiah  FEB 1827  New York, USA   13 NOV 1872      GAR:   I7286  CFT 
39         O'NEIL  John  1755    03 OCT 1826      Rev WAR: Albert Heusser in an undated note: John O'Neil was noted as "A private throughout the Revolutionary War - a 'picked man' for both the Indian(Sullivan) and Yorktown Campaigns." HD Miller annotated in a document that he had "military records for John O'Neil. "He was a (Captain Ogdon) orderly came to Newton NJ together and while there John married Margaret Osborne." (sic) [It is not clear from the note who came together to Newton: John & the Captain or John and Margaret. A copy of an Albert Heusser family tree prepared ~1886 is annotated on this tree with remarks that John O'Neil "Enlisted in 1775 - served to the end of War (Maxwell's & Shreve's NJ Brigades) Enlisted at Newton, NJ".

Wikipedia: The 2nd New Jersey Regiment was raised, on October 9, 1775,at Trenton, New Jersey for service with the Continental Army under the command of Colonel William Maxwell. The regiment would see action at the Battle of Trois-Rivières,Battle of Valcour Island, Battle of brandywine, Battle of Germantown, Battle of Crooked Billet, Battle of Monmouth, Sullivan Expedition, Battle of Springfield and the Battle of Yorktown. The regiment was furloughed, on June 6, 1783, at Newburgh,New York and disbanded November 3, 1783.

From Eyewitness to Battle: New Jersey Brigade at Connecticut Farms and Springfield, by John U. Rees's in 1992 -- Israel Shreve was the commanding officer of the 2nd New Jersey Regiment, and as such was a key officer in the Jersey brigade. Reduced in early 1779 from four numbered regiments to three, the Jersey brigade was commanded by brigadier General William Maxwell from 1777 until his 25 July 1780resignation. First New Jersey colonel Mathias Ogden then commanded the brigade until his capture in October 1780, when Israel Shreve took over as senior officer. Though Shreve himself retired in January 1781,he retained nominal control of the brigade throughout the mutiny that same month. 
I257  CFT 
40         PAULK  James  Abt 1841  Georgia, USA   07 MAR 1863  Oakwood Cemetery, Richmond, Richmond City, Virginia, USA     CSA:
Company K, 49th Georgia Volunteer Infantry

James Paulk: ".... was born about 1841. in Irwin Co., Georgia, the son of George Paulk and Margaret Cook. He enlisted as a private, Company F, on 4 March 1862. He died at Chimborazo Hospital #2, at Richmond, Virginia, of phthisis on 5 March 1863. He was 21 years of age."
National Archives Microfilm Box, Roll, and Record: 000226, 0047, 00002259
Cited in “Warriors of the Wiregrass”, Compiled by John A. Griffin.  
I16795  CFT 
41         PAYNE  Asa  1841  Illinois, USA     Spring Hill Cemetery and Mausoleum, Danville, Vermilion, Illinois, USA     GAR:
Company C, 12th Illinois Infantry
I1359  CFT 
42         PAYNE  Martin O.  03 SEP 1839  Vermilion County, Illinois, USA   24 APR 1865  Payne Cemetery, Chenoa, Livingston, Illinois, USA     GAR:
1st Illinois Cavalry
Mustered out on14 JUL 1862 
I1336  CFT 
43         PAYNE  Morgan Lewis  20 APR 1805  Goshen, Orange, New York, USA   29 APR 1878  South Side Cemetery, Pontiac, Livingston, Illinois, USA     GAR:
53rd Illinois Infantry 
I1244  CFT 
44         Preble  Scott Winfield  14 AUG 1848  Ohio, USA   10 OCT 1911  McComb Union Cemetery, McComb, Hancock, Ohio, USA     GAR
Company L, 1st Ohio Heavy Artillery 
I23566  CFT 
45         RATHER  John M.  1841  Washington County, Arkansas, USA   27 JAN 1893  Gethsemane Cemetery, Caddo, Bryan, Oklahoma, USA     GAR
Company C, 9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment  
I27270  CFT 
46         REAGAN  Hugh Loson White  1836  Missouri, USA   1895  Iola Cemetery, Allen County, Kansas, USA     GAR:
Company D, 9th Kansas Cavalry 
I9835  CFT 
47         REAGAN  John Black  08 JAN 1839  Missouri, USA   04 MAR 1914  Highland Cemetery, Pawnee, Pawnee, Oklahoma, USA     GAR
Pvt. Co. I, 24th Missouri Infantry
And Pvt. Co. E, Stone County MO Home Guard (June 10, 1861-Nov. 15, 1861)
And Pvt. Co. A, 21st Missouri Inf. (transferred from 24th MO Inf.)
Enlisted Nov. 23, 1861
Discharged Apr. 19, 1866 
I13999  CFT 
48         RUMBAUGH  William  MAR 1834  Pennsylvania, USA   22 OCT 1906  Clarksburg Presbyterian Cemetery, Clarksburg, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR
Company D, 62nd Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers
Discharged 05 APR 1862 (The siege at Yorktown began on that date.)
Two other men of this company, William and David Rumbaugh, enlisted on the same date in Armstrong County. Both were privates; William died at Yorktown and David died on 06 JUN 1862.
I4947  CFT 
49         RUSH  Levi  15 NOV 1833  Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA   25 JAN 1896  Beulah Cemetery, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Company A, 18th Pennsylvania Cavalry 
I5278  CFT 
50         RUSH  Randolph  23 JAN 1838  Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA   25 MAY 1862  Beulah Cemetery, Greene County, Pennsylvania, USA     GAR:
Company K, 37th Pennsylvania Volunteers, 8th Pennsylvania Reserve Corps
I5679  CFT 
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