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Report: Military Service: During Vietnam War

         Description: Persons whose military service was in South Vietnam and whose records are annotated "Vietnam" based upon military rosters, headstone inscriptions and/ or family records.

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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Death Place Military Service
1 I9863  BESEDA, Joseph Maitland  21 NOV 1914  03 JUN 2001  Austin, Travis, Texas, USA   Vietnam:
Lieutenant Colonel 
2 I12559  BRADFIELD, Jobe Harold  12 NOV 1919  14 APR 1999  Aurora, Adams, Colorado, USA   Korea:
31 MAY 1965: discharged 
3 I12487  BRASFIELD, Travis Lee  07 DEC 1948  8 JUL 1998  Lubbock, Lubbock, Texas, USA   Vietnam:
US Army 
4 I27313  BULGER, Vivian Bridget  29 JUN 1928  29 DEC 1995  Sanger, Fresno, California, USA   Korea:
US Marine Corps
5 I4  CARR, John Louis  03 DEC 1926  26 DEC 2016  Woodbridge, Prince William, Virginia, USA   Vietnam: US Army
Commander 71st Transportation Battalion & HQ Support Command (Newport, RVN)

Jun 1949: Commissioned a 2LT in the Transportation Corps (although detailed detailed to the Engineer Branch for two years).
1950: Darmstaft, West Germany; 1st Engineer Battalion
Jul 1953: Fort Belvoir, VA
Jul 1954: University of Tennessee
Jul 1955: Fort Eustis, Virginia
1956: Then Captain Carr participated in the construction of the Distant Early Warning (DEW) line in Alaska. His participation was with the 564 Transportation Company (Term Svc) on Project 572 West Area. WIKI: "From a standing start in December 1954, many thousands of people with countless skills were recruited, transported to the polar regions, housed, fed, and supplied with tools, machines, and materials to construct physical facilities - buildings, roads, tanks, towers, antennas, airfields, and hangars - at some of the most isolated places in North America. The construction project employed about 25,000 people.[2] Military and civilian airlifts, huge sealifts during the short summers, snowcat trains and barges distributed vast cargoes along the length of the Line to build the permanent settlements needed at each site. It was to military and naval units that fell much of the job of carrying mountains of supplies to the northern sites. More than 3,000 U.S. Army Transportation Corps soldiers were given special training to prepare them for the job of unloading ships in the Arctic. They went with the convoys of U.S. Navy ships and they raced time during the few weeks the ice was open to land supplies at dozens of spots on the Arctic Ocean shore during the summers of 1955, 56, and 57.[4]"
Jul 1958: Seoul, Korea; 21st Transportation Company
Jul 1959: Fort Belvoir, VA; staff
Jul 1961: Fort Leavenworth, KS; CGCS
Jul 1962 Fort Eustis, Virginia; Instructor
Jul 1963: Mannheim, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; Allied Mobile forces (Land)
Jun 1965: Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany; CENTAG
JUL 1969: The Pentagon; Joint Staff
Aug 1969: Saigon, South Vietnam; Commander 71st Transportation Battalion & HQ Support Command (Newport)
Aug 1970: Cameron Station, VA
Aug 1972: DSA
Jul 1974: USAREUR
Jul 1978: Alexandria, VA; Joint Property Shipping Office
June 1979: Retired
6 I2412  DRENNAN, Billy Ray  29 NOV 1946  SEP 1982    Vietnam:
US Army 
7 I11058  EBBITT, George Francis Jr.  05 OCT 1930  08 OCT 1974  Miami Springs, Dade, Florida, USA   Vietnam:
Lieutenant Colonel
8 I21731  FEATHERSTON, Edward Wilcox  28 DEC 1935  19 JUL 2015  Baltimore County, Maryland, USA   Vietnam
US Navy
Flight surgeon, First Air Cav Division (ARMY).
Altitude Chambers at the Natick Research Labs in Natick, Mass.
His twin brother, Kieth (also USNA '58), surmised that Ed who suffered from Parkinson's Disease "may have gotten a dose of Agent Orange during the Vietnam War..." 
9 I24905  FOXWORTH, Raymond P. Sr.  11 NOV 1923  06 JUN 2014  Sylvester, Worth, Georgia, USA   Vietnam
US Air Force 
10 I24627  FRITZ, David E.  27 SEP 1942  08 JUL 1975  At sea   Vietnam: USMC
11 I6497  MAXWELL, Earl Pershing  19 OCT 1918  01 MAR 1998  Raleigh, Wake, North Carolina, USA   WWII::


USAF, Colonel 
12 I25831  MAYO, John David  28 FEB 1950  20 AUG 1987  Catoosa Couty, Georgia, USA   Vietnam: USMC
13 I1111  NOBLE, Leo Leonard  25 NOV 1934  12 FEB 2013  Tucson, Pima, Arizona, USA   Vietnam: US Navy
Ship Name: USS Durham
Ship Classification: LKA-114
Year Range: 1968-1970
While he was assigned to the USS Durham it operated in the West Pacific & Vietnam from Aug to Dec 1969 and from Mar-Nov 1970. 
14 I21116  NORWOOD, Richard Dale  28 SEP 1946  20 SEP 1967  Long An Province, Vietnam   Vietnam:
US Army
Company C, 2nd Battalion 60th Infantry, 9th Infantry Division
Specialist Forth Class
Bronze Star Medal
Purple Heart Medal

Length of service 1 years
His tour began on Jan 11, 1967
Casualty was on Sep 20, 1967
Service: Army of the United States
Grade at loss: E4
Rank: Specialist Four
ID No: 54386228
MOS: 11C10: Indirect Fire Infantryman
Length Service: 01

Start Tour: 01/11/1967
Incident Date: 09/20/1967
Casualty Date: 09/20/1967
Age at Loss: 20
Location: Long An Province, South Vietnam
Remains: Body recovered
Casualty Type: Hostile, died while missing
Casualty Reason: Ground casualty
Casualty Detail: Gun or small arms fire

Vietnam Veterans Memorial: Panel 26E - Line 96  
15 I21478  PFEIL, Gary Arthur  30 MAY 1946  02 AUG 2012  Texas, USA   Vietnam:
US Army 
16 I10476  PIERCE, James Calvin  28 DEC 1919  24 MAY 1996  Quitman County, Georgia, USA   WWII: US Army,
Korea: US Army
Vietnam: US Army; Master Sergeant (MSG) 
17 I25134  PRIDE, Ronald Dean  27 NOV 1949  14 JUN 1998  Paradise, Butte, California, USA   Vietnam 
18 I25572  SHAEFFER, Landrum Cross  04 MAR 1944  04 FEB 2013    Vietnam
Airman First Class 
19 I14207  TURNER, Nelson Wayne  17 JUL 1927  30 JAN 2005  Metter, Candler, Georgia, USA   WWII: US Navy


Name: Nelson Wayne Turner
Birth Date: 17 Jul 1927
Death Date: 30 Jan 2005
Cemetery: Alderman Cem
Cemetery Address: Statesboro, GA 30458 
20 I27784  WILLIAMS, James Larry  11 JUL 1945  26 MAY 2009  Silver Springs, Marion, Florida, USA   Vietnam: US Navy
#Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Death Place Military Service