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In the beginning the trees were hand drawn ...

When first begun, the content for this site was in several trees drawn by a sister for a college course. Those trees became the early content of a Family Tree Maker file. Occasionally family members would then request a family sheet or Ahnentafel which would be prepared and sent via the mail. After finding a grand aunt on a TNG-style website, the wheels began to turn in the direction of a public presentation for the express purpose of sharing. Despite strong hints that a TNG website required more than simply importing a file, the challenge was worth the undertaking.

CarrFamilyTree, like most trees, remains a work in progress. When individuals, families, documents, histories or photos are located or contributed, they are added expeditiously.

From a presentation perspective, there are scores of very talented, technically-skilled, persons who constantly devise better ways to find, display, correct and enjoy family histories. Most of them very willingly share their techniques so that less talented folks such as myself can leverage their skills. My thanks to them!

Thanks also to all the individuals and families for your contributions large or small that have helped make this site useful to its many visitors.

The help page contains customized help screens. If you need additional help, have additional content, or if you have corrections you would like to have made, please do contact us.

Feature Articles

feature 1 Louis Drury Carr: 1899-1986.

This engaging man was born in 1899, the tenth of William Seward and Elizabeth (Donnelly) Carr's eleven children. Louis was a public school teacher in Paterson, NJ and later a principal in the Jersey City public school system. His WWI military service, while brief, was an area of interesting research.

feature 2 Sergeant James Elvie Pate: 1910-1944

In December 1941, James Elvie Pate was a 31-year-old, single ranch hand working on the Tommy Brook Ranch in west Texas. In his free time he was a base violin player in a local band. In June 1944 he landed on Utah Beach with the 90th Division - The Tough 'Ombres. Four days later and within several miles of the beachhead he was wounded and evacuated to England for treatment. Following his return to France in late June, he fought with his original unit, the 358th Infantry Regiment. In mid-August, just days before the Battle of the Falaise Pocket was won, Sergeant Pate paid the ultimate sacrifice. This story of his service reflects the great care his niece Virginia took to collect and retain artifacts of his service and her graciousness in sharing them with the author.

feature 3 Francois Boquel: 1826-1895.

Francois Boquel is thought to have arrived in the USA in the early 1840s from Alsace-Loraine, but nothing is yet known about the European port from which he embarked or the American port where he debarked. While he did travel as far west as St. Louis, Illinois in pursuit of employment, he spent most of his years in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He was a bounty soldier in the 88th Pennsylvania Infantry during the Civil War.

feature 4 MSG John Edgar Scott: 1921-1986

In 1959 John E. Scott, a WWII veteran, purchased a 20-acre farm through the Texas Veterans Land Board. His 25 years of operating the family farm, with the participation of his wife and eventually two daughters, is a marvelous story of an entrepreneurial spirit, hard work, and strong family values. In sum, it is an American story of success.

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