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Report: Military Service: During WWII - All

         Description: Persons whose military service is annotated "WWII" based upon military rosters, headstone inscriptions and/ or family records.


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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Date Military Service
1 I20436  ABANATHY, PVT Carl Edgar  22 JUL 1910  10 DEC 1943  17 JUL 1942  WWII: US Army
Medical Corps
300th Medical Hospital
Army service number: 38 209 034

Although the Application for Headstone indicated he was KIA, an additional notation stipulated NB - non battle.

A synopsis of Private Abanathy's unit: The 300th General Hospital was activated on 15 July 1942, at Camp Forrest, near Tullahoma, Tennessee. It was comprised of 56 commissioned officers, 1 warrant officer, 105 nurses and 500 enlisted men. The enlisted men received two weeks of basic training in topics such as individual defense and protection, dismounted drill, interior guard duty, military courtesy and discipline, equipment, clothing, tent pitching, etc., before they were assigned to specialist schools. In February 1942 an additional thirteen weeks of training was directed. On July 22, 1943 the organization was alerted for overseas movement and on 11 August the personnel were transported from Camp Forrest on 2-ton trucks to the Tullahoma railroad station. The train carrying the enlisted personnel arrived at Camp Shanks, Orangeburg, New York on August 13, 1943. Following final preparations for overseas movement, the unit moved to New York Harbor and embarked for North Africa on August 21, 1943 aboard U.S. Army Transport Thomas H. Barry, formerly the passenger liner Oriente. Despite an attack by German U-boats on 02 September, the transport arrived at Bizerte Harbor, Tunisia in the early morning of 04 September 1943 and debarked in the afternoon. Once on land the personnel were transported again via 2-ton vehicles to a site between Ferryville and Mateur, Tunisia. There the staff found rows of pyramidal tents with folding cots already in place - while the enlisted men set about erecting pup tents. The site was in a wheat field surrounded by barren land without trees, bushes, or grass; it quickly became known as the Camel Pasture. While temperatures were bearable during the day, nights were unpleasantly cold. On 22 October 1943, the 300th General Hospital was reassigned to the Fifth United States Army which was engaged in the second phase of the Allied campaign in Italy - the first phase. On 10 November, following the successful landings at Salerno by combat troops, the hospital personnel boarded the US Army hospital ship Shamrock in Bizerte Harbor and anchored off Naples the following morning. The hospital went ashore on 16 November 1943 and remained there until 31 March 1946. (RJCarr: Summarized from the unit history ( 
2 I20440  ABANATHY, John Brown  10 JAN 1925  23 FEB 2001  Abt 1943  WWII: US Army
42nd Infantry 
3 I20448  ABANATHY, Thomas Earl  05 FEB 1927  17 JAN 2004  04 JUN 1945  WWII: US Army 
4 I20616  ABBE, Rufus Lee  24 MAY 1923  30 JUN 1944  1942  WWII: USMC
Company A, 8th Marine Group, 2nd Marine Division
Private First Class, machine gunner 
5 I35412  ABEL, Roland Alfred  6 NOV 1914  1 MAY 1993  26 FEB 1942  WWII
US Army
Private First Class
Discharge Date: 2 Nov 1945  
6 I10159  ABELS, William Henry  05 JUL 1924  11 APR 2001  05 MAY 1943  WWII: US Army
7 I21196  ACREY, Robert Curtis  02 JUN 1890  16 JUN 1942  1942  WWII: US Navy
8 I14291  AIRHEART, Andrew Jackson Jr.  07 APR 1924  11 AUG 2014  08 JAN 1943  WWII: US Army
9 I27813  ALLEX, Melvin V.  13 JAN 1911  28 MAR 2001  1942  WWII:
US Navy
Seaman First Class (SF1) 
10 I30492  ALLIEGRO, Jennings William  25 MAR 1908  30 AUG 1995  30 NOV 1942  WWII
US Army 
11 I24881  AMSDEN, Sherman Culver  21 SEP 1889  10 NOV 1958  29 AUG 1942  WWII: US Army
Headquarters, 5th Air Force
Asiatic-Pacific Campaign Ribbon
WWII Victory Medal
Honorably discharged on 20 APR 1944 (age: 55)

WIKI: During World War II, Fifth Air Force units first engaged the Japanese during the Philippines Campaign (1941–1942), then afterward withdrawing to Australia after the Japanese conquest of the islands. Rearmed, it engaged the Japanese in New Guinea, the Dutch East Indies and then as part of the liberating forces in the Philippines Campaign (1944–45). 
12 I33155  ANDERSON, Horace Addison  26 AUG 1898  15 OCT 1980  6 OCT 1942  WWII
US Army Air Corps 
13 I32149  AROSELL, Carl William  16 SEP 1919  03 NOV 1996  1943  WWII
US Army
14 I8544  ARTHUR, James Burtis  02 JUN 1909  17 OCT 1987  1942  WWII: US Army 
15 I9013  ATKINSON, Noel Kaiser  19 OCT 1916  28 FEB 2011    WWII: US Army
Korea: US Army
16 I18356  AUTWELL, Benjamin Swain  3 MAY 1922  19 MAY 2003  31 MAR 1942  WWII: US Army
17 I18357  AUTWELL, William Albert Jr.  28 JUL 1920  04 DEC 1994  10 JUN 1944  WWII: US Army
Private First Class

Name: William A Jr Autwell
Birth Date: 28 Jul 1920
Death Date: 4 Dec 1994
Service Start Date: 10 Jun 1944
Interment Date: 7 Dec 1994
Cemetery: Houston National Cemetery
Cemetery Address: 10410 Veterans Memorial Drive Houston, TX 77038
Buried At: Section G2 Site 1393 
18 I12831  BAKER, Alvin Hubert  6 OCT 1921  11 FEB 1961  10 APR 1943  WWII: USMC
Staff Sergeant 
19 I1448  BALINSKI, Thaddeus  26 JUL 1926  01 DEC 2014  26 JAN 1945  WWII: US Army
20 I12673  BANDY, Roscoe B.  16 DEC 1923  20 MAY 1995  01 JUL 1943  WWII: US Army
Private First Class 
21 I32132  BARLETTA, Leonard  17 MAR 1912  22 JUL 1984  27 MAY 1942  WWII
US Army
Released on 10 Oct 1945 
22 I16371  BARNDT, Homer W.  8 MAR 1921  18 JAN 1961  16 FEB 1944  WWII: US Navy (Reserve)
Seaman First Class
Discharged 19 Feb 1945 
23 I36199  BARNES, William Lafayette Sr.  31 JUL 1913  11 MAY 2000  26 JUN 1945  WWII
US Army
24 I35410  BARNETT, James Guy  15 JAN 1922  30 APR 1976  4 AUG 1942  WWII
US Army
25 I31599  BARTON, Jerome Stanley  29 NOV 1914  16 JUL 1974  23 DEC 1941  WWII:
US Navy
Sonarman 2nd Class (SoM2c)
Jerome enlisted in the Navy just over two weeks following the attack on Pearl Harbor. Following his basic training and specialty training, he reported for duty on the destroyer Dickerson (DD157) on 06 Nov 1942. The destroyer departed port on “30 Nov 1942 and escorted convoys between New York and Cuba until January 1943. In the first half of 1943, Dickerson operated in the Caribbean and escorted tanker convoys to Gibraltar and Algiers. She joined the Card hunter-killer group at Casablanca in June for offensive operations in the middle Atlantic. Between 17 July and 13 August, she sailed to Derry, Northern Ireland, for exercises with British Fleet units, returning to Charleston, S.C., for conversion to a high-speed transport.” (Wikipedia)
On 25 Sep 1943 SoM2c Barton was transferred to the YMS-45, which was a minesweeper assigned to the 4th Fleet operating in the South Atlantic out of the port at Recife, Brazil. On 11 Jun 1945, with war in Europe concluded, YMS-45 was detached from the 4th Fleet to report to CTG 29, an escort carrier task group operating with the USS Santee. On that date the CTG was operating in the East China Sea in support of operations near Okinawa. On 15 August the CTG was en route to the Philippines from Guam when it was informed of the end of hostilities in the Pacific. (Wikipedia)
#Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Death Date Military Service: Date Military Service

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