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Report: Military Service: During WWII - Navy

         Description: Description: Persons whose military service is annotated "WWII: US Navy" based upon military rosters, headstone inscriptions and/ or family records.


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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Military Service
1 I21196  ACREY, Robert Curtis  02 JUN 1890  WWII: US Navy
2 I16371  BARNDT, Homer W.  8 MAR 1921  WWII: US Navy (Reserve)
Seaman First Class
Discharged 19 Feb 1945 
3 I21424  BEAM, Frank Arthur  24 OCT 1921  WWII: US Navy
4 I9866  BESEDA, Rev. Henry Earnest  17 FEB 1920  WWII: US Navy
U.S.S. Oakland in the Pacific Theatre
Yeoman-First Class,  
5 I25911  BLUDWORTH, Foy E.  21 JUL 1923  WWII: US Navy
SP (P) (VM)3 
6 I10342  BOLT, Clayton Adair  09 JUN 1922  WWII: US Navy
46th Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees) 
7 I12161  BRIED, Donald Raymond  16 APR 1916  WWII: US Navy 
8 I6147  BRIED, Eleanor M.  19 JAN 1919  WWII: US Navy
Specialist 2nd Class Petty Officer 
9 I29086  BULLARD, Frank Leverette Jr.  15 MAR 1925  WWII: US Navy
10 I7442  BURNS, Thelma Juanita  11 OCT 1922  WWII: US Navy, Registered Nurse 
11 I13236  CAIN, Dixon Hill  14 APR 1919  WWII: US Navy
Lieutenant, j.g.
Mustered out May 1946 
12 I21410  CHENEY, Alan Breck  27 JUL 1920  WWII: US Navy
Purple Heart

He was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation and Purple Heart in WW II. As a demolition frog man he destroyed underwater obstacles and was wounded in the Normandy Invasion. He was the sole survivor of his unit. (Source: Find-a-Grave) 
13 I22935  CHEWNING, William Yancey Jr.  07 OCT 1907  WWII: US Navy; MAM2 
14 I34317  CILWA, Walter Joseph  08 JAN 1926  WWII: US Navy 
15 I9600  CLAUSS, Dr. Thomas Fadden  8 FEB 1923  WWII: US Navy
Served in the Navy aboard the USS North Carolina and USS Alabama in the Pacific theater, first as a blue jacket and then as lieutenant JG after completing the V-12 program at the University of Notre Dame and Columbia University. 
16 I26192  CLEMENTS, Farrell Lee  19 NOV 1927  WWII: US Navy
Served aboard the USS Shaula (AK-118)
WIKI: USS Shaula (AK-118) was a Crater-class cargo ship commissioned by the U.S. Navy for service in World War II. She was responsible for delivering troops, goods and equipment to locations in the war zone. She was acquired as Shaula by the Navy from the War Shipping Administration under bareboat charter on 4 December 1943; converted from a freighter by Gibbs Gas Engine Co., Jacksonville, Florida; and commissioned on 5 May 1944. Shaula stood out of San Pedro on November 23d (1944). She called at Pearl Harbor and continued to Eniwetok where she provisioned fleet units from 15 to 25 December 1944, when she moved to Ulithi. She remained there until 12 February 1945, when she sailed in convoy for Guam. Eight days later, she sailed for San Francisco. After completing voyage repairs and reloading, she headed west, on 3 April, for Ulithi and Leyte Gulf. The cargo ship remained in Leyte Gulf from 25 May to 2 October (1945) when she sailed for Wakayama, Japan, via Okinawa. Shaula departed Wakayama three weeks later for Bungo Suido to provision minesweepers; thence to Hire Wan, Nagasaki, and Sasebo. 
17 I11179  CONCANNON, Lee Burton Sr.  27 SEP 1919  WWII: US Navy
Chief Machinist Mate
1937 to 1940, and
1942 to 1945 
18 I13944  DIX, Daniel Whiddon  26 SEP 1922  WWII: US Navy 
19 I19810  DOWNING, Elwin B.  20 MAY 1921  WWII: US Navy
20 I19803  DOWNING, John Parmer  18 AUG 1922  WWII: US Navy
LTJG, pilot 
21 I19804  DOWNING, Parmer John  06 JUN 1924  WWII: US Navy
22 I11140  EBBITT, Lawrence Ignatius  11 AUG 1892  WWI: US Navy
USS Colorado; Chief Boatswain's Mate  
23 I18924  ENLOW, Marshall Foch  6 JUL 1921  WWII: US Navy
Aircraft Structural Mechanic Third Class (AM3)

Name: Marshall Enlow
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 6 Jul 1921
Death Date: 30 Jul 1996
SSN: 456-20-5711
Branch 1: NAVY
Enlistment Date 1: 27 Oct 1944
Release Date 1: 30 Mar 1946 
24 I2362  FARRIS, Jimmy Houston  30 SEP 1925  WWII: US Navy 
25 I26066  FOSTER, Talmadge Kenneth  29 NOV 1921  WWII: US Navy
Gunner's Mate 3rd Class (GM3) 
#Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Military Service

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