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Report: Military Service: During Civil War with CSA

         Description: Men whose military service is annotated "CSA" based upon military rosters, headstone inscriptions and/ or family records. Sorted by date of death.


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# Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Burial Place Memorial Military Service
1 I14106  ACKIS, James Septimus  1844  Charleston County, South Carolina, USA   03 NOV 1897  Laurel Grove Cemetery (North), Savannah, Chatham, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Capt Fickling's Company, Brooks Light Artillery, South Carolina Artillery (later designated as Rhetts Battery, Alexander's Battalion) 
2 I14114  ACKIS, Richard W.  Abt 1833  South Carolina, USA   JUL 1863      CSA:
2nd South Carolina Infantry
KIA at Gettysburg

Name: Richard W Ackis
Birth Date: abt 1833
Age: 28
Enlistment Date: 1861
Military Unit: First Regiment Rifles, Militia (Branch's Rifle Regiment) , Second Infantry (Second Palmetto Regiment) A-B
Name: Richard W. Ackis
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: South Carolina
Regiment Name: 2 South Carolina Infantry
Regiment Name Expanded: 2nd Regiment, South Carolina Infantry (2nd Palmetto Regiment)
Company: K
Rank In: Musician
Rank In Expanded: Musician
Rank Out: Private
Rank Out Expanded: Private
Film Number: M381 roll 1 
3 I32093  ADAMS, John Franklin  22 OCT 1842  Shelby County, Texas, USA   28 AUG 1916  Adams Cemetery, Shelbyville, Shelby, Texas, USA     CSA
Company A, 28th Texas Cavalry
4 I14304  AIRHEART, George Philip  05 DEC 1837  Virginia, USA   20 OCT 1902  Fair View Cemetery, Roanoke, Roanoke City, Virginia, USA     CSA:
Company E, Virginia 42nd Infantry Regiment 
5 I18404  ALDERMAN, Ansel  1845  Georgia, USA   1907  Brannen Cemetery, Statesboro, Bulloch, Georgia, USA     CSA: Company E ("Bulloch Troop"), 5th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Cavalry (Bulloch & Emanuel Counties); Private 
6 I18406  ALDERMAN, Chesley  13 APR 1840  Bulloch County, Georgia, USA   19 JUL 1863  Alderman Cemetery, Statesboro, Bulloch, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Company I (Toombs Guard), 9th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Name: Chestley Alderman
Residence: Georgia
Enlistment Date: 10 Jun 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
State Served: Georgia
Survived the War?: No
Service Record: Enlisted in Company I, Georgia 9th Infantry Regiment on 10 Jun 1861.Mustered out on 19 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
Sources: Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865 The Medical and Surgical History of the Civil War

Name: Chestley Alderman
Residence: Bulloch County, Georgia
Enlistment Date: 10 Jun 1861
Side Served: Confederacy
State Served: Georgia
Service Record: Enlisted as a Private on 10 June 1861.
Enlisted in Company I, 9th Infantry Regiment Georgia on 10 Jun 1861.
Died wounds POW Company I, 9th Infantry Regiment Georgia on 19 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA.
Sources: 6,60 
7 I13980  ALMAND, James S.  1844  Madison, Morgan, Georgia, USA   1903      CSA:
Captain A.E. Andrews' Company (C), Augusta Arsenal Battalion
15 Nov 1863 - Enlisted
20 Jan 1864: Absent, sick
May-Oct 1864: AWOL
Oct 1864: Deserted 
8 I13979  ALMAND, John D.  1840  Morgan County, Georgia, USA   06 FEB 1865  Unknown     CSA:
Company D, 3rd Georgia Infantry Regiment
25 Jun 1862: Wounded at Richmond, VA
06 Feb 1865: KIA at Hatcher's Run, VA

Name: John D Almand
Residence: Georgia
Enlistment Date: 24 Apr 1861
Rank at enlistment: Private
State Served: Georgia
Survived the War?: No
Service Record: Enlisted in Company D, Georgia 3rd Infantry Regiment on 24 Apr 1861. Mustered out on 06 Feb 1865 at Hatcher's Run, VA.
Sources: Roster of Confederate Soldiers of Georgia 1861-1865 
9 I13976  ALMAND, Reuben C.  1808  Morgan County, Georgia, USA   25 DEC 1871  Almand Cemetery, Apalachee, Morgan, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Home Guard/Police 
10 I13982  ALMAND, Reuben Lindsey  1848  Madison, Morgan, Georgia, USA   1924  Oxford Historical Cemetery, Oxford, Newton, Georgia, USA     CSA 
11 I13978  ALMAND, William Asgail  27 MAY 1837  Morgan County, Georgia, USA   07 NOV 1896  LaBoon Family Cemetery, Walton County, Georgia, USA     CSA: Company I, 44th Georgia Infantry, Corporal
12 I13981  ALMOND, George M.  14 FEB 1845  Madison, Morgan, Georgia, USA   13 SEP 1902  Maxeys Sunset Cemetery, Maxeys, Oglethorpe, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Company D, 3rd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters

Name: G. M. Almand (note alternate name below)
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Georgia
Regiment Name: 3 Batt'n. Georgia Sharp Shooters
Regiment Name Expanded: 3rd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
Company: D
Rank In: Private
Rank In Expanded: Private
Rank Out: Private
Rank Out Expanded: Private
Alternate Name: James M./Almond
Film Number: M226 roll 2

Note about the Georgia Sharpshooters: "In July 1863, the Army of Northern Virginia possessed only two sharpshooter units in the truest sense of the word, the 3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters and Blackford?s Alabama Sharpshooters." ... "Several other Confederate divisions had sharpshooter battalions at Gettysburg (at least they did on paper) and these included several brigades in the (Stonewall) Division. However, only one brigade in the Army of Northern Virginia had a consistently segregated sharpshooter battalion, Colonel William T. Wofford's brigade in the Confederate 1st Corps. In April 1863, Wofford directed each of his five regiments to commit fifty men to the battalion. All of them did so, and one regiment, the 16th Georgia, provided 100 men. Wofford, it seems, encountered some resistance to his directive, as one of his soldiers commented,
"It is mean to take men from the company of their choice against their wishes and put them in a company whose officers they do not like. The feeling against it in the Brigade is bitter, and if 58 Wofford organizes the battalion he will do it in the face of universal opposition."
Wofford persisted, completing this organization on June 9, when he announced, "All these officers [commanding the six companies] without exception are young healthy and athletic, and from the best evidence that I could procure are moral intelligent gentlemen. In point of courage, intelligence, and morality I feel justified in saying that they are equal if not superior to the officers of any regiment or battalion in this brigade." This unit became known as the 3rd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters, and Gettysburg would be its first battle." ['Sharpshooters Made a Grand Record This Day' by Timothy Orr] 
13 I21517  ANDERSON, Batcheller  1823    1863  Upper Long Cane Cemetery, Abbeville, Abbeville, South Carolina, USA     CSA
Company D, 4th South Carolina Cavalry 
14 I13304  ARNALL, James Miles  26 OCT 1837  Georgia, USA   02 APR 1906  Senoia City Cemetery, Senoia, Coweta, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Company D, 53rd Georgia Infantry Regiment.

Enlisted in on 25 Oct 1861.
Mustered out on 25 Apr 1862.
Re-enlisted in Company D, Georgia 53rd Infantry Regiment on 12 May 1862.
Promoted to Full 1st Sergeant on 06 May 1862. (Oddly, the promotion to "Full 1st sergeant" occurred between his mustering out on 25 April, 1862 and his second enlistment on 12 May, 1862.) 
15 I13294  ARNALL, John Gholston  26 DEC 1811  Butts County, Georgia, USA   08 DEC 1873  Coweta County, Georgia, USA     CSA:
7th Georgia Infantry Regiment

Name: John G. Arnall
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Georgia
Regiment Name: 7 Georgia Infantry
Regiment Name Expanded: 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
Company: A
Rank In: Private
Rank In Expanded: Private
Rank Out: Private
Rank Out Expanded: Private
Alternate Name: John G./Arnold
Film Number: M226 roll 2 
16 I13100  AUSTIN, John Nathaniel  15 MAR 1847  Campbell County, Georgia, USA   22 MAY 1928  Providence Baptist Church Cemetery, Newnan, Coweta, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Battery A, 12th Georgia Artillery

Find-a-Grave: The following information was obtained from records of Co. A, 12th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery and from other public records:

He was wounded at Monocacy, MD 7/9/1864, and again at Hatcher's Run 2/5/1865. He was admitted to a hospital from 2/7/1865 to 3/21/1865. He surrendered 4/9/1865 at Appomattox, with Gen. R. E. Lee.
(bio by: JRLines)  
17 I25332  BAGGS, William David  28 JUL 1838  Georgia, USA   03 JUL 1902  Baggs Cemetery, Ludowici, Long, Georgia, USA     CSA
Company I, 25th Georgia Infantry
Discharged 26 APR 1865 
18 I18569  BAILEY, Henry H.  APR 1846    09 MAY 1927  Bethlehem Primitive Baptist Church Cemetery, Statesboro, Bulloch, Georgia, USA     CSA:
Company D, 57th Georgia Infantry 
19 I12661  BARBER, Malcom Lorenzo  23 MAR 1838  South Carolina, USA   29 NOV 1906  Texas State Cemetery, Austin, Travis, Texas, USA     CSA:
Captain M.L. Barber, Confederate veteran, was born in South Carolina in 1838. He was 23 years old when he joined Company C of the 14th Alabama Infantry. He was 5-10, had dark eyes and hair and a fair complexion. During his service he was promoted to the rank of Captain, and he probably earned it, considering how many times he was wounded in battle. M.L. Barber was mustered into service June 15, 1861. The first time he appears on a hospital roll was March of 1862 but it appears he returned to service that same month. In July of 1862 he was admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, Virginia for treatment of gun shot wounds received in engagements around Richmond. His first promotion came September 9, 1862 to Second Lieutenant. He is then present with his company in November of 1862. During the time period of the Battle of Chancellorsville, in April of 1863, Barber, once again, returned to the hospital. He was back with his company in June of 1863. A few months later, he was in the hospital again and was furloughed because of wounds received, beginning September 17, 1863. His leave was extended several times, but he did eventually return to duty because he was shot in the right leg on or about April 13, 1864. At some point, it is uncertain of the exact date, he was promoted to Captain. Barber retired from that position August 19, 1864. He was captured in May of 1865 and paroled at Tallahassee, Florida May 10, 1865.
Captain M.L. Barber died November 29, 1906.
Courtesy of BEV on F-a-G 
20 I11766  BARBER, Rev. Nathaniel Carmichael  22 MAY 1800  Chester County, South Carolina, USA   6 MAY 1875  Sweet Home United Methodist Church Cemetery, Chambers County, Alabama, USA     CSA:
Company B, South Carolina 7th Infantry Battalion
21 I11768  BARBER, Nathaniel James  04 JUL 1845  Chambers County, Alabama, USA   1 DEC 1923  Greenwood Cemetery, Marshall, Harrison, Texas, USA     CSA:
Company F, 61st Alabama Infantry

At the age of 17 Mr. Barber joined the Confederate Army. The Company F, of the 61st Alabama regiment under the command of Captain Zachery, to which he belonged, was made up in the LaFayette community. He was mustered into service at Montgomery, Alabama. He was put on guard duty for the first eight weeks of service at Pollard at which time he first saw the Yankees. It was on the Gulf of Mexico at Pensacola, Florida, that his company captured two large fishing boats. From Pensacola his company was sent to Richmond on a freight train; this was his first ride on a freight train. After arriving in Richmond, they camped in an old tobacco factory, and the next morning they were placed in line of march, and he marched into his first battle at White Oak Bottom. After being stationed there three days, his company made their way to Orange Courthouse. They skirmished on the Rappidane River until the latter part of April 1863. On May 1, 1863, camp was broken and they began to march to one knew not where. When General Lee called for sharpshooters in February of 1864, all men were tested. Mr. N. J. Barber was the first to be drawn out of his company as a sharpshooter. On the morning of May 5, 1864, yelling was heard in the rear of the march. Immediately all the men knew that Mars. Robert E. Lee was coming. They asked General Lee if there was danger ahead. The answer was, "Boys, you'll meet them at one o'clock." This was the Battle of the Wilderness. After three days fighting Mr. Barber's company was ordered to Spottsylvania. Here Mr. Barber captured a Yankee and a flag. It was later learned that his gun was empty and that the Yankee was loaded. His next battle was at Frazier's farm at Hanover Junction. He was later stationed near the crater where he heard the tunneling underground a number of days before the big blow-up. Mr. Barber was also in the battles of Winchester and Fisher's Hill.  
22 I6621  BARR, Oscar  01 JUL 1835  Virginia, USA   28 MAR 1910  Mount Hebron Cemetery, Winchester, Winchester City, Virginia, USA     CSA:
Company K, 23rd Virginia Cavalry
23 I8313  BIGGAR, Benjamin Franklin  1842  Shelby County, Texas, USA   12 SEP 1862      CSA
Company A, Texas 28th Cavalry Regiment; Corporal;
Presumed KIA/DOW.

Name: Benjamin F Biggar
Rank at enlistment: Corporal
State Served: Texas
Service Record: Enlisted in Company A, Texas 28th Cavalry Regiment.
Sources: Index to Compiled Confederate Military Service Records  
24 I5858  BIGGAR, Richard Sweazea  1 JAN 1817  Tennessee, USA   01 JAN 1864      CSA:
Presumed KIA/DOW.

" When the Civil War came along "Boy" enlisted in Shelbyville along with his uncle Robert Biggar 11/4/1862. The Runnels uncles had gone earlier. Boy did not return and his resting place is unknown, but a returning neighbor, Montgomery Lovell, said he died begging for water of which there was none. On November 4, 1864 Richard Sweezer Biggar signed along with S.K. McCelland for Josh Truitt to carry the mail for the Confederacy from Shelbyville to Marshall once a week each way. Richard Sweezer Biggar had some sort of work with the Confederacy and on one occasion returned a soldier who was awol. There is no record of Richard Sweezer Biggar enlisting, but family stories indicate he was at the battle of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill and died in Arkansas (maybe Arkadelphia)."
Written by Evelyn Biggar 
25 I5864  BIGGER, John G.  1829  Lawrence County, Arkansas, USA   1863  Unknown     CSA:
Presumed KIA/DOW.

Name: John G. Bigger
Side: Confederate
Regiment State/Origin: Arkansas
Regiment Name: Kelsy's Co., 1 Arkansas Volunteers (30 Days, 1861.)
Regiment Name Expanded: 1st Regiment, Arkansas Volunteers (30 days, 1861)
Rank In: First Lieutenant
Rank In Expanded: First Lieutenant
Rank Out: First Lieutenant
Rank Out Expanded: First Lieutenant
Film Number: M376 roll 2 
#Person ID Last Name, Given Name(s) Birth Date Birth Place Death Date Burial Place Memorial Military Service

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