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08 MAR 2022
I have have updated the database with roughly 168 new documents - most of which are obituaries. The What's New page will reflect numerous other changes.
I have not run an extensive set of tests to validate all functions on the website. Thanks for visiting.

22 JUL 2021
I have finally updated the data tables. It took all day (in-between yard chores) to get the procedures correct and even then I had trouble copying files across.
If a page doesn't work right, please let me know. I will run a series of test now to spot check systems and results. Most of the updates are related to
obituaries (143 new)  that I found online, copied, uploaded, and transcribed into the obituary field for the respective person.

01 NOV 2020
I have added a Watermark to all media on this website. I will gladly send you a copy sans watermark if you click on the request
at the bottom of each media. My purpose in adding the watermark is to keep bots from running off with our research for their monetary gain.
The note in the example below is associated with each photo or document on the site.

09 SEP 2020:
I have finally been able to update data in the tree for the first time since September 2018. After v13 of TNG was delivered, I asked the developer to
upgrade my site to the same version.  Once Darrin was finished, I was able to upload and reinstall the related MODs - and that is how I discovered a
workaround to the two-year FileZilla FTP problem. So, now there are new individuals, new census records, new obituaries and a few new miscellaneous
documents. I may be able to make the process, well, renewable. Write as you have been with corrections an additions. (Edit: it took two tries to get the
database properly restore. It's a memory thing...) As always, check out the sections farther below to find new persons added and records edited.
The lists present a limited number of updates; not all updates from the last two years will be listed. EDIT: I just found 524 newspaper obituaries that
I have yet to link to the person's record. Fortunately, the text of the obituaries has been transcribed to the records. I must not have been as idle as some thought over the last two years!.

26 JUL 2020:
I corrected 25 birth years that were carelessly entered without a final digit making it look as if the persons were actually identified in the second century. Whew.
Still no favorable report on when we will get cable internet in rural Georgia.
An interesting find. A birth date on a find-a-Grave memorial was identified by a data validate report as invalid. While the person's headstone
clearly has 31 JUN 1884 engraved on it, there has never been such a date. See personID = I34050.

20 FEB 2020:
An individual's "Descendants - Count" tab has been enhanced to reflect counts of "Total" and of "Living"

24 JAN 2020:
I have had no success to date resolving the FTP limitations. The good news is I still have internet access that facilitates research.

20 SEP 2018:
I have updated the data tables for the first time since April. I had every intention of performing an update in July when we moved into a temporary r
esidence, but all manner of excuse found its way into my schedule. Included in today's update are a number of census records and death certificates.
Invariably, along with new census records are new individuals. Today's update was not with a brief refresher on how to use the update process.
The lesson learned there is to update more frequently. I have not been able to implement a new mapping MOD. I will continue to work on that issue.

20 JUN 2018:
After the website was shut down by my host server because bots were consuming too much bandwidth (while stealing site data & files), I
implemented a sign-in requirement before visitors can see photos and documents. Source references are still available without a sign-in. Viewers can request a user account at this link.

29 May 2018:
For about ten years this website has used the Google mapping function to display geographic locations. Regretfully, last month Google began charging $250/month for access to the mapping function. I am investigating alternative mapping options.

08 April 2018:
I finally got about to updating the site with information gleaned over the last three months. Sorry for the delay. I am headed out of town tomorrow to see my first grandchild, Caroline Dawn Carr.


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Francks, Barbara Ann: 1961 Marriage photo
Francks, Barbara Ann: 1961 Marriage photo
  30 MAR 2022


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680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion - 1945 - Operation Varsity After Action Report
680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion - 1945 - Operation Varsity After Action Report
Captain John Henry FEATHERSTON, Jr., a January 1943 graduate of West Point, was commander of Battery B, 680th FA BN during Operation Varsity. He was killed by small arms fire as he led an assault against a German stronghold that threatened the establishment of a firing position for the battery. The battery history added that after "clearing the houses, [they] discovered the sniper to have been a twelve year old German boy - who will never shoot another American soldier." Captain Featherston was posthumously awarded the Silver Star Medal for his actions. The linked document conveys the wide dispersal of gliders during the assault, the aircraft damage incurred, casualties taken, and the fierce defense made by the Germans who occupied the area of the landing zone. General Eisenhower was able to observe the landings from a vantage on the west side of the Rhine River.

After the war the battalion was awarded the Presidential Unit Citation. It read:
The citation reads as follow :

The 680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion is cited for extraordinary heroism, efficiency, and achievement in action against the enemy during the assault crossing of the Rhine River near Wesel, Germany, on 24 March 1945. Coming in by glider through the heaviest concentration of antiaircraft fire yet experienced in an airborne operation, the 680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion landed widely dispersed in open fields covered by enemy artillery, automatic weapons, and small arms fire, under direct observation from enemy strong points throughout the area. With complete disregard for their personal safety, the members of this field artillery battalion unloaded their gliders under a withering cross-fire, assembled in small groups, and fought their way through occupied enemy strong points and field fortifications to the assembly area, using howitzers, bazookas, grenades and carbines to reduce enemy position. During the assembly, this field artillery battalion captured and destroyed an enemy 105-mm. artillery battery and a 155-mm. artillery battery and captured 150 enemy soldiers. With 19 killed, including both howitzer battery commanders, and 56 wounded during the assembly, the aggressive action of all members of this battalion enabled both howitzer batteries to occupy position and the battalion to assume its artillery mission within 1 hour of the initial landing. One hour later, this battalion had completed its survey and had established complete wire communication within the battalion. Within 5 hours after the initial landing, 9 howitzers were in position and 900 rounds of ammunition had been assembled at the position area. The efficiency and aggressive action of the 680th Glider Field Artillery Battalion in the face of great odds and a defensively prepared enemy, cleared a large portion of the division area and resulted in the provision of adequate artillery support, which assisted materially in the ultimate success of the operation and subsequent exploitation of the gains achieved.
By Order of the Secretary of War
Dwight D. Eisenhower
Chief of Staff 
  2 APR 2022
McCutcheon, Howard W: 1939 Obituary
McCutcheon, Howard W: 1939 Obituary
Funeral services for Howard Wynn McCutcheon, 31, of 915 Crew street, who died Tuesday morning in a private hospital, were conducted yesterday afternoon at the chapel of J. Austin Dillon by Dr. Ellis Fuller. Burial was in Oakland cemetery. Survivors include his wife, the former Carrie Lee Featherston, and a brother, R. H. (Bob) McCutcheon.
The Atlanta Constitution  
  30 MAR 2022


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COLEMAN, Peter James 
b. 25 DEC 1937  New York City, New York, USA  Carr-Scott 16 MAY 2022
ROGERS, Dorothy Mae 
b. 30 JAN 1926  Houston, Harris, Texas, USA  Carr-Scott 20 APR 2022
TOBIAS, Sophia Anna 
b. DEC 1892  Muscatine, Muscatine, Iowa, USA  Carr-Scott 6 APR 2022
SUDDETH, William Birdsong 
b. 17 MAR 1844  Pike County, Mississippi, USA  Carr-Scott 5 APR 2022
DRURY, Fredrick Warren 
b. 15 OCT 1877  San Francisco, San Francisco, California, USA  Carr-Scott 21 MAR 2022
DRURY, Samuel Bonnet 
b. JUL 1830  Chelsea, London, England  Carr-Scott 21 MAR 2022
DRURY, Amelia Mary 
b. 22 DEC 1831  Bainnes County, London, England  Carr-Scott 21 MAR 2022

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree | Branch   Last Modified 
 I2552  Samuel Marshall ROGERS  I2565  Eliza Vesta LEVERETT  22 DEC 1898  Carr-Scott 9 MAY 2022