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23 AUG 2023:
For those of you who tired of waiting for this page to resolve - I finally found the fix. Thank you for coming back to see if it would ever work again.

18 OCT 2022:
Added a government publication: "Tell Me About My Boy." It was compiled and distributed by the U.S. Army Quartermaster General and later by the American Graves Registration Service. It offered guidance to the next of kin of servicemen killed during WWII on how their kin's remains would be repatriated.  On this website to 37 men who were documented as KIA/DOW or otherwise died overseas during WWII and whose bodies were recovered.

01 NOV 2020:
While all media on this website regretfully exhibits a watermark, I will gladly send you a copy sans watermark if you click on the request at the bottom of each media. The watermarks are an effort to keep bots from running off with our research for their monetary gain.

09 SEP 2020:
Finally, updated data in the tree for the first time since September 2018. After v13 of TNG was delivered, I asked the developer to upgrade my site to the same version. Once Darrin was finished, I was able to upload and reinstall the related MODs - and that is how I discovered a workaround to the two-year FileZilla FTP problem. So, now there are new individuals, new census records, new obituaries and a few new miscellaneous documents. I may be able to make the process, well, renewable. Write as you have been with corrections an additions. (Edit: it took two tries to get the database properly restore. It's a memory thing...). As always, check out the sections below to find new persons added and records edited. The lists present a limited number of updates; not all updates from the last two years will not be listed.

26 JUL 2020:
Corrected 25 birth years that were carelessly entered without a final digit making it look as if the persons were actually identified in the second century. Whew. Still no favorable report on when we will get cable internet in rural Georgia. An interesting find. A birthdate on a find-a-Grave memorial was identified by a data validate report as invalid. While the person's headstone clearly has 31 JUN 1884 engraved on it; there has never been such a date. See personID = I34050.

20 FEB 2020:
An individual's "Descendants - Count" tab has been enhanced to reflect counts of "Total" and of "Living".

24 JAN 2020:
No success to date resolving the FTP limitations. The good news is I still have internet access that facilitates research.

20 SEP 2018:
Updated the data tables for the first time since April. I had every intention of performing an update in July when we moved into a temporary residence, but all manner of excuse found its way into my schedule. Included in today's update are a number of census records and death certificates. Invariably, along with new census records are new individuals. Today's update was not with a brief refresher on how to use the update process. The lesson learned there is to update more frequently. I have not been able to implement a new mapping MOD. I will continue to work on that issue.

20 JUN 2018:
After the website was shut down by my host server because bots were consuming too much bandwidth (while stealing site data & files), I implemented a sign-in requirement before visitors can see photos and documents. Source references are still available without a sign-in. Viewers can request a user account at this link.

29 May 2018:
For about ten years this website has used the Google mapping function to display geographic locations. Regretfully, last month Google began charging $250/month for access to the mapping function. I am investigating alternative mapping options.

08 April 2018:
Finally got about to updating the site with information gleaned over the last three months. Sorry for the delay. I am headed out of town tomorrow to see my first grandchild, Caroline Dawn Carr.

28 DEC 2017
The tree was upgraded with roughly 80 death certificates and 280 census records.

08 SEP 2017:
Regret that I have had to deny access to users because my website host cannot help stop bots from stealing data. I will attempt to resolve the problem when I return home in mid-October.

23 MAY 2017:
While waiting for foot problems to resolve themselves before resuming the Appalachian Trail hike, I added another 500 census records and 100+ death certificates. And countless Find-a-Grave links.
Found a relative who first flew for the US, then the RCAF, then the RAF and finally for the US again. His P-51B Mustang was shot down over France in mid-1944 so he spent the rest of the war in at least three separate a POW camps: 1LT Herbert Blanchfield.
I plan to resume the hike in a matter of days...
Oh yes; I added to the list of IPs that are permanently blocked from vising the site. If you can read this note, you very likely were not on that list of banned IPs.

07 APR 2017:
In-between a couple of weeks on the Appalachian Trail I have managed to link just over 500 US Census records.
Added a count of "Close relationships" that can be seen on the Relationship tab on any individual's page. There are only 9 such "cousin" marriages in the tree; all of which are found in farm communities. See Cousin Marriages.

19 DEC 2016:
The database was refreshed today with two months of research.
Roughly 30 new death certificates and scores of census records have been transcribed.
A Table of Descendants was added to Descendants tab. It sits on the red option row when Descendants is selected.
The count of children, grand-children, great-grand-children, etc. is select-able as is the number of generations.

17 OCT 2016
Updated the full database. Find-a-Gave memorials (9,200) are now located in the burial events - logically - and not as another event.
More Census records, persons, and documents were linked.
iPhone' performance remains suspect.
User/visitor feedback is more than welcome! Administrative orphans - persons with absolutely no known relatives in the tree - were deleted from the site.

19 SEP 2016:
Very belatedly discovered a number of persons who have become unlinked from a parent, sibling, or spouse. They are for lack of a better term - administrative orphans. I am working diligently to resolve those errors. Some are simply duplicates; regardless they all need to be resolved.

03 SEP 2016:
The site has been upgraded to TNG version 11.
I am working to resolve display issues that are apparent on iPad and smartphones.

26 AUG 2016:
After taking a long while to resolve some technical issues with the PC version of the tree, the website was updated today.
There is good news in that I did not completely forget the new procedures learned in the last update!
I have tested a further upgrade on my PC that will be migrated to this site soon. It will offer better performance on handheld devices, e.g., iPhone and iPad.

05 JUN 2016:
Learned a new trick for updating the website. (See the 04 June note below.)
The database has been updated.
Please advise me if you run into a problem with the presentation of a person's data.

04 JUN 2016:
Technical problem with the website - database updates are not working the way I have accomplished them for the last several years.
Working on solutions with help from smarter, more skilled folks…. Thus far, one fix didn’t work and the 2nd is a bit of a challenge.

22 APR 2016
GEDCOM was updated which included several new cemeteries, memorials, and records.

17 MAR 2016:
Several Cemeteries were added with known family burials.
Numerous Find-a-Grave memorials were linked to individuals.

28 FEB 2016:
Added birth reports.
Focusing on WWI, WWI draft records and WWII enlistment records.
The Census MOD is being repaired.

16 FEB 2016:
Added an even 540 Find-a-Grave memorials. Improved the Military reports.

03 FEB 2016:
Resolved numerous discrepancies in birthdates; added several hundred Find-a-Grave links

05 NOV 2015:
Census count =4629;
Death certificate count =1294;
Photos added.
Regretfully I had to add a restriction to the media files since bots have stolen the work without citation or approval. If you would like access to those files, please Register for a User Account in the left menu and reflect your family relationship.

02 OCT 2015:
Census count = 4427;
Death certificate count =1203;
Photos added.28

AUG 2015
Added surname statistics to the Statistics menu.
Added a corresponding Surname Cloud to the bottom of the home page.

17 AUG 2015:
Census count >= 4000;
additional death certificates added.

23 JUL 2015:
Additional census records, documents, and photos added.

11 JUL 2015:
Made the long awaited upgrade to enable use on mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, etc.
(lost the Research links as a consequence - and, unfortunately, not all mobile features are working properly)

10 JUL 2015:
Census count = 3500 and counting...

14 APR 2015
Improved the format of the Help page.

09 APR 2015:
Re-linked another 300 census records for 1900 (e.g., William Seward Carr)
Added the various media indicated in the sections below Dec 2013: Photos and documents are once more linked at the bottom of the relevant person's page.
A new feature hides all but the first line of Event fields containing multiple lines. Those fields are marked with a white triangle. 

Jul 2013
A new feature tabulates the content of a US Census record. An example: William Seward Carr.

22 JUN 2009:
First day of operation. Data imported from a Family Tree Maker file.


 Thumb   Description   Linked to   Last Modified 
Runyon, Homer: 1929 Obituary
Runyon, Homer: 1929 Obituary
  2 JUL 2023


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born   Location   Tree | Branch   Last Modified 
COLEMAN, Thomas A. 
b. 2 OCT 1935  New York City, New York, USA  Carr-Scott 11 SEP 2023
DONOVAN, Joan Elizabeth 
b. 4 SEP 1929  Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, USA  Carr-Scott 11 SEP 2023
RUNYON, Homer 
b. 4 MAY 1899  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Oscar James 
b. 12 DEC 1908  Texas, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
LAABS, Emilie Bertha 
b. Abt 1883  Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Chester James 
b. 6 SEP 1886  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Bessie 
b. 4 SEP 1901  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Lewis 
b. 22 AUG 1896  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Sadie 
b. 13 AUG 1892  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Frank 
b. 1890  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Russell 
b. 1888  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, William J. 
b. 1885  Hawley Borough, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
RUNYON, Charity 
b. AUG 1879  Paupack Township, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
WILDS, Nancy Jane 
b. 1 AUG 1859  Hawley, Wayne, Pennsylvania, USA  Carr-Scott 2 JUL 2023
GOSS, Charlcie Sue 
b. 29 MAY 1928  Wills Point, Van Zandt, Texas, USA  Carr-Scott 20 JUN 2023
MORRIS, Esther 
b. 3 APR 1907   Carr-Scott 20 JUN 2023
GOSS, Charles Edward 
b. 26 NOV 1896  Wills Point, Van Zandt, Texas, USA  Carr-Scott 20 JUN 2023
KENNEDY, Sarah Elizabeth Boyd White 
b. 02 FEB 1866  Cleburne County, Alabama, USA  Carr-Scott 15 APR 2023
FORMANEK, Deborah Ann 
b. 30 OCT 1951  Camden, Camden, New Jersey, USA  Carr-Scott 29 MAR 2023
FREE, John J. 
b. 1 DEC 1930  Jersey City, Hudson, New Jersey, USA  Carr-Scott 29 MAR 2023
JACKSON, Ellis William 
b. 11 DEC 1923  Nutley, Essex, New Jersey, USA  Carr-Scott 28 MAR 2023

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree | Branch   Last Modified 
 I37224  Charles Edward GOSS  I37225  Esther MORRIS    Carr-Scott 20 JUN 2023
 I6734  Edward Andrew STEWART  I35697  Charlcie Sue GOSS    Carr-Scott 20 JUN 2023
 I37118  John J. FREE  I37116  Mary Jane MEEHAN  NOV 1953  Carr-Scott 29 MAR 2023
 I37118  John J. FREE  I37219  Deborah Ann FORMANEK    Carr-Scott 29 MAR 2023
 I37119  Harry Charles DOLAN, Jr.  I37122  Marilyn J. MCDONALD  JAN 1949  Carr-Scott 29 MAR 2023
 I37120  Thomas John FREE  I37121  Lynne Helen VOORHEES  AUG 1978  Carr-Scott 29 MAR 2023